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February 2023 Men Ratings

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Alfonso Lopez

December Men Ratings

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Alfonso Lopez: Top 10 Ranked BRIDGERWEIGHT. WBC-NABF Champion

November NABF Ratings

This is a list of current professional boxing rankings, which includes the latest rankings by the NABF.

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Mauro Di Fiore

Boxing Judge Mauro Di Fiore: 50 years of boxing experience

DiFiore never steps into the ring and he must always maintain strict neutrality. His skills and 50 years of boxing experience have made him one of the most sought-after professional boxing judges in the world.
His reputation as one of the best has brought him to a level few ever attain. The globetrotting DiFiore has judged championship matches all over the world. He has appeared on HBO, Showtime, ESPN, and several international networks where he has been seen by millions of fight fans.

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Danielle Perkins

October Female Ratings 2022

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Oscar Rivas Champion

October Ratings

October NABF Ratings

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