A Fighting Chance

“One people… one sport.. two homes..separated by 90 miles”
I just saw the screening of this touching and well-done tribute to Cuban boxers –some who left Cuba to fight Pro. It integrates footage from Cuba, the Olympics, Mexico and Atlantic City, highlighting so many of our greatest athletes. It’s focus is not only the ring, but the personal struggles, joys and pains of defection, and sometimes, failure. Many boxers & trainers did well, but some had to adjust to a life less friendly then the one they left behind. Having been born in the US, it always amazes me at the sacrifice people make to come here. We really are the ‘dream’ for those not as fortunate. At times like these, I work to be aware of that — we are the lucky ones.
Anyway — this film was a treat. Hopefully, it will find a home.

It was done by Winner Take All Productions and Throwback Films
(David Schuster 917.517.0714)

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