Amanda Serrano: NABF Female Champ

I thought you’d like meeting the NABF’s newest Champ. Amanda is our Featherweight Title holder, taking it in 1:40 of round one. She’s Bob Duffy’s newest star at 360.
A powerful puncher and a wonderful artist:Amanda Serrano - photo:Peter Fruktoff
“Amanda Serrano is a visual artist focusing on mixed-media sculpture and installation art.  Born in the United States, she has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe, Mexico, as well as the U.S.  She earned a bachelor of arts and a master’s and studied at Academy of Art in San Francisco.  Inspired by the ocean’s ability to transform discarded glass into perfectly and uniquely formed sandblasted gems, develops eco-friendly art that celebrates transformation, redemption, and beauty in everyday objects that are commonly thrown away.”
Not bad!

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