Bobby Goodman : Hospitalized

Hello Everyone,
This is Bobby’s daughter, Randi.  He has asked me to compose this email to inform all of you of what’s been going on.  A little over a month ago, he was admitted into the hospital for an infection in his knee replacement. 

The infection lead to abnormal atrial fibulation, kidney failure, low oxygen levels and finally a blood transfusion.  He was fine, had rehab for the knee, went home and four days later was having pain in his chest making it difficult to breathe.  He was brought to the hospital via ambulance and readmitted.  This time he was admitted for congestive heart failure, his diabetic numbers were 480 and all of his organs started to shut down….he doesn’t remember any of this by the way….they performed an emergency temporary pacemaker and since being admitted a week ago, he had a breathing tube and was on heavy sedation almost like a coma.  He is getting a permanent pacemaker tomorrow morning sometime.  He doesn’t remember everything so we don’t talk about it.  He knows something wasn’t good because all four of his daughters came to see him from different states and his brother who he doesn’t see often came and his sister who he hasn’t seen for years came.  It was very scary.  He is doing very very well now and hopefully all goes well tomorrow.  He specifically asked me to contact you.  He is requesting that you spread the word throughout your community if you feel it necessary.  He is at Atlantic Care Regional Medical Center in Galloway, NJ.
Thank you very much.
Randi Goodman Victor

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