Boyd Melson Fights for Paul Williams

Paul-Williams7Tragedy struck the boxing community when two-division world champion Paul “The Punisher”Williams became paralyzed from the waist down following a horrific motorcycle accident Sunday morning near Atlanta, GA. Williams, who in addition to being one of the best fighters on the planet was one of the most likable, now faces the same struggle that Team Fight to Walk is working toward ending.
Williams, who was in good spirits following the accident and is alert, refuses to believe that he’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Luckily for Williams and millions of other Americans with Spinal Cord Injuries (including 7,000 soldiers) there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
“My heart broke,” said Team Fight to Walk creator Boyd “Rainmaker Melson. “I feel like I am slipping into a depression over Paul’s injury. What the hell does it take to wake people in this country up and make them realize that in a heartbeat, this can happen to anyone, and at a minimum an immediate future in a wheelchair begins. I need to find a way to speak to Paul and his family to share what I know.”
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“He needs to know that there is hope beyond what all of his doctors are telling him right now and he needs to spend his time speaking to those doctors who are doing the specific research to get Spinal Cord Injuries out of their chairs. Dr. Wise Young, the Neurosurgeon conducting the Clinical Trial Team Fight Walk is helping raise funds for set to take place this Fall in the United States aimed at curing Spinal Cord Injuries, is working on getting in contact with Paul. We have his back 100% and hopefully in the near future, a successful trial will enable him to walk again.”
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