Cleto Ryes: NABF Star of the Month

Cleto-Reyes-Event-05-19-2012-1-of-25-500x317A real “KO” group of prizefighters, boxing officials, special guests and fans came out to witness the official Grand Opening of the Cleto Reyes Boxing Equipment store in San Diego, California. Visitors from both Mexico and Southern California joined the weekend celebration at this new retail venue located off of Miramar Road.

In my exclusive report, check out what the day was like as the legendary glove and boxing equipment company launched their second brick-and-mortar location in SoCal; their first store is in the city of Anaheim. A ribbon cutting ceremony, prize raffle, free giveaways, photo and autograph sessions and a catered lunch by La Escondida was featured during the outdoor gathering.

The Reyes name is synonymous with boxing gloves “Hecho en Mexico.” The founder and patriarch, Don Cleto Reyes Castro, began what would eventually become a legacy in the boxing community. Known as “Los Guantes de los Campeones” (“The Gloves of Champions”), Team Reyes has carried on and has been a popular choice for decades. As the story goes, a young Cleto Reyes briefly fought in 1938 before turning his full attention to the craft of leather glove making.

Since then, his son Alberto Reyes has become the company’s figurehead after his father’s passing. I caught up with the Reyes camp during Saturday’s function.

Alberto Reyes and his daughter Elizabeth Reyes were joined by former WBO, IBF, WBA World ChampAntonio Margarito, WBC Continental Americas belt holder Alfonso Gomez, WBC Mundo Hispano and WBC Latino Heavyweight titlist Hassan Chitsaz, boxing officials Benjamin Rendón and Monique Rendón, award-winning author Araceli Martinez-Rose (“The Business of Pain”), Cleto Reyes team members Guillermo Moreno, Kiriat Moreno, Ivette Sau, California Hall of Fame trainer and sculptor Steve Harpst, Lockwood Industries’ U.S. distributor Mike Serrano, among many others.

During the fiesta, Alberto expressed his joy while opening the doors to this brand new San Diego store. And judging from the crowd in attendance, the community is excited to have this building nearby where they can stock up on boxing gloves, headgear, boots, equipment, gym wear and much more. Now fighters and fans can shop both online and in person for all their boxing needs. Reyes told me he’s also very proud of his children Elizabeth, Malena and Beto, who work in the family trade in various aspects. Reyes also had a great time at the celebration visiting with the three pro boxers that came out to lend their support. The “Tijuana Tornado” Antonio Margarito, the “Contender” star Alfonso Gomez, and heavyweight champ Hassan Chitsaz were big hits with their fans. The fighters even took part in the prize raffle, calling out the lucky numbers and posing with the winners. While everyone got to tour the new store, which is lined with vintage photos and boxing posters, Reyes presented the fighters with their own commemorative gloves.

Giving back to others, there was also a booth set up to raise funds to assist Las Vegas boxing trainer Arturo Martinez, who recently suffered a tragic loss when his wife and young daughter were murdered and he, himself, was reportedly left for dead. Boxing judge and World Boxing Council (WBC) Cares’ Monique Rendón spearheaded this fundraising event for the stricken boxing coach. She was also the hero of the kids at the party with free goodies including WBC Cares coloring books, patches, stickers and wrist bands. The WBC’s Jose Sulaiman, Mauricio Sulaiman and WBC Cares’ Jill Diamond have been promoting a new youth in need program called WBC’s “Project Gym Pass.” The Cleto Reyes company and the WBC often join forces in nonprofit community events such as this.

The venerable boxing glove company has been in the forefront of the fight community for decades. While I chatted with the other attendees, all spoke of the hard work and dedication the Reyes family showcases through their products.

One of their distributors takes pride in his longtime association with Alberto Reyes and his crew. Mike Serrano, from Lockwood Industries, told me about an upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Cleto Reyes-Lockwood business relationship. “In 2015 we will be celebrating the ‘Golden 50′ as Cleto Reyes distributors!” Mike says with a smile. “Our founder, Norman Lockwood, started distributing in the States and worldwide for Cleto Reyes in 1965.”

All the other guests I spoke with say it’s that pride in workmanship, a personal touch and the down-to-earth and giving personalities of the Reyes clan that results in the loyalty of the boxers, gyms, trainers, distributors, customers and fans around the world in using Cleto Reyes merchandise.

All in all, it was a real “knockout” day as the Reyes familia opened their doors to the San Diego boxing community and beyond.

Congratulations to the Cleto Reyes team of champs!

Photos by Ramon Flores

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