Daniel Valdivia

Daniel Valdivia, Boxer: Powerful. Hungry. Skilled. Diligent. Passionate.

Daniel Valdivia, Person: Friendly, Spiritual. Gracious, Compassionate. Charismatic.

What are the qualities that create a great boxer? Are they the same elements that produce a great person? Clearly, history has taught us this isn’t always true. Most boxers will tell you that boxing isn’t a choice; it’s a calling. So, is the ability to accomplish devastating wins, then step outside the ropes and be caring a calling, too? In Daniel Valdivia’s case, it is, and a well-chosen one. Daniel “El Chapulin” Valdivia is likable. And it seems to come to him as naturally as his exciting boxing style. 

Daniel has proven that a good guy can also be a good fighter. So far, he’s impressive, and his star is beginning to shine clearly over California’s boxing horizon. So can a good guy be a great boxer? We’ll find out more on May 20th, when once again he enters the ring, and puts his fine heart and his fierce fists on the line.

At what age did you start boxing and why?

I started boxing when I was 10 years old. The reason I began boxing was because of my older brother Santiago Valdivia. He loved boxing and decided to take me with him to a local boxing gym in Visalia, California.


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