DeMarcus Corley: How Sweet It Is

Demarcus - Photo: Taylor Hallman

On Saturday night, January 21st, at Roseland in NYC, Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corely returned to the ring to snatch the  NABF Super Light Title from Gabe ‘Tito” Bracero. This surprised a ot of people, but not Demarcus, who said to me before the fight “It’s mine.” In the first five rounds he dominated, and with precision punches and put young Tito down three times. Later in the fight, Tito grew in strength and stamina… but not enough to undo the damage. By the end, Demarcus got him self a well deserved UD.

Here’s to the new, old King! Long may he reign!

Referee: Cluadio Judges: Ortiz, Morgan, Lombardi


Jill: Is this a Come Back or a I Was Never Gone moment?

Demarcus: Never gone

Jill: Many people are happy for you… tell us what winning this fight/Belt meant to you?

Demarcus: It a lot to be crown champion again an to win the NABF made it better.

Jill: How have you managed to stay in such great shape all these years?

Demarcus: Don’t drink or smoke don’t party just play with an eat good 

Jill: Tell us about your family?

Demarcus: I have a very loving family Five boys an four girls An a loving wife we enjoy life and we love to have fun with each other.

Jill: I understand you create sporting gear.  What go you started doing that? 

Demarcus: Have always wanted to be in fashion so when I started boxing I looked at boxing as entertainment in designing outfits so I did some research on all the boxer over the years and I’m found out that all the world champions no one had created a boxing shoe so I said I want to do something different and come out with my own boxing shoes

Jill:Any advice to young boxers?
Demarcus: Don’t Drink or smoke and train hard

Jill: You’re also doing commentary. Is this something you’d like to continue?

Demarcus: Yes i will love to become a commenter 

Jill:Who are your inspirations?

Demarcus: Sugar Ray , Michael Jordan 

Jill:A match or rematch you’d like?

Demarcus: Fight one of the top five in my NABF ranking.

Jill:Who is your Team?

Demarcus: Egis Kliams (manger), Tyrone Jones (trainer)

Jill: Where do you go from here? 

Demarcus: I want to thank everybody for wishing me the best of luck on my fight last night thank you for the support only if you knew my store you would understand why i say that i did not win but the man in side me did it for me. Back home will take a couple days off an get some rest and then go back to the gym. When time to defend NABF title I want to fight the top-five guys in the rankings and go from there. I like to defend NABF title four times before relinquishing the title.


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