Ed Pearson, One of Our NABF Stars of 2009

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Jill: Tell us the Ed story?

Ed:     I worked for a local radio station in the early ‘80s, and we broadcast fightcards involving amateur standouts at the time, Willie deWitt and Shawn O’Sullivan, who were world amateur champions, and who became pros. Soon after, I became involved with the local commission, the national association, and finally the NABF and WBC.




Jil: Of all the organizations, why the NABF?

Ed:   Quebec Commissioner Mario Latraverse was NABF President, and as the Canadian Ratings guy at the time, I wanted to become involved in the North American scene in ratings, so the NABF was the natural progression. From there, I became involved with the WBC Men’s ratings, and finally the WBC Female Championships. It’s been a great ride!

Jill: A fight you’d like to see happend?

Ed:     Manny Pacqauo vs. Floyd Mayweather – that’s the fight I think everyone wants to see happen. Let’s hope it does. What a mega fight that would be!

JIll: Your greatest accomplishment in boxing?

Ed:   Don’t have one. I guess just being a tireless worker. When you have no particular talent, being a hard worker works in your favor!! I just like to think I contribute in a positive way to whatever needs to be done at any given time.

Jill: Life outside the NABF?

Ed:   I am a firefighter in Edmonton (airport and county), so when I’m not doing boxing, that’s where I’ll be found – saving lives and protecting property!! Actually, my wife Shelley and I have two beautiful girls Madison (12) and Marissa (10) – both going on 18! Aurrghhh!!

Jill:  In your opinion, what would strengthen the NABF?

Ed:   A better economy! Really, the job being done is about as good as you can get, given the economic restraints promoters are faced with. Things will improve over the next year or two, I’m sure.

JIll: An event that stands out as a favorite?

Ed:     I’ve done several interesting ones. Probably the best event might have been the Jean Pascal-Adrian Diaconu II event in Montreal this past month. Pavlik-Hopkins was also interesting. On the female side, the recent Saccurato – Mrdjenovich fight was very good. I did a Montreal card in the mid ‘90s with Hilton vs. Ouellette, and that was a very exciting card to be at. It was the first of the BIG shows at the Bell Centre (then Molson Centre), where we had 17,000 fans. It was classic English vs. French – what an atmosphere that night. Great fun. There have also been some excellent and very interesting cards I’ve worked in Europe – Great boxing fans!!

Jill: A bad call or injustice you’ve witnessed??

Ed:    There have been a few, but nothing specific comes to mind. There is not a whole lot you can do after the fact – except fix it. Order a rematch, or whatever needs to be done. Fairness and justice  in the end is the bottom line.

Jill: Your inspiritations?

Ed:   I gather inspiration from a lot of different people. Jose Sulaiman, Joe Dwyer, Rex Walker, and others. These are people that have been around the block. Usually, if there is a question that needs answered, or a situation that needs need to be resolved, these guys, and others, have “been there, done that”! I am lucky to be able to pick up the phone, or send an e-mail, and get access to the most extensive boxing  experience available.

JIll: Your goals?

Ed:   To see the WBC Female Championships continue to grow. We have been, I think, very successful, by putting on competitive and relevant  matches for the most part. We’ve been able to reach out to boxers in most parts of the world. We’ve done fights in as diverse places as a prison in Thailand, North Korea, to New York, Paris Cancun, South America, and everywhere in between! We will continue to strive for fairness for the boxers and promoters in female boxing. Without them, of course, there is nothing. We work for them.

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