Fashion Show at Gleasons


Fashion Show and Party

Gleason’s Gym will close at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, January 19, 2010, to present the pre Fashion Week—

launch of Johny Rocca Rags

On Tuesday Jan 19th my new friend Bruce Silverglade is generously allowing to colonize his world famous gym, Gleason’s, in Brooklyn, in DUMBO right by the bridge, the very hallowed ground of champions. We are going to use the three boxing rings as the “stages” for the debut collection. Not only is it a legendary space – “Raging Bull” was filmed there, La Motta, Ali, Tyson and Duran all trained there – but it entirely fits the spirit of the collection – street strength and grace, or as we’re spinning it – “Gangs of New York with an Oliver Twist”.

Together Johny Rocca and Mark Wesley apply the principles of Victorian tailoring, millinery and shirt making – with their respective detailing and finesse – to a modern man’s clobber. They do this with a wit and savvy that precludes foppery or pastiche. We will present thirty-five pieces modeled by the boxers between 8-10pm.

The fashion show is a private affair (Invited Guest Only) to be followed by a party with musical entertainment til about 3am that is open to the public with a $20 cover charge at the door.

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