What does getting a belt mean if there’s no history or standards behind it? When I look at some of the people who are being considered champions or fighting for titles, it makes me wonder if we’ve made any substantial progress with women’s boxing. 

Yes, there’s always been controversy when it comes to ratings; we know this process is subjective. Also, when it comes to title bouts; especially when it’s a vacant title or if an opponent is injured & replaced; but now, we have women who are not highly rated,  some who haven’t fought in years, vying for championships. This would be like presenting an Academy Awards at a Community Theater. It’s absurd, and demeans the concept of Champion.

I don’t claim to have the perfect formula, especially since promoters in the US are reluctant to stage female fights, but everyone knows that overt mismatches with retired and low rated boxer’s slam dancing for trophies doesn’t add up.

You can accuse me of being biased. I am with two large sanctioning bodies. I stand proud that the NABF has so few titles filled as opposed to selling their belt for blood. I stand proud by our champions, many of whom who have gone to be WBC Champions or title holders for acknowledged organizations.

The truth is that we’re all partial. Everyone who is involved in boxing has a vested interest, financial or otherwise, which means everyone has an agenda. Mine is to make women’s boxing a safe and lucrative sport for good athletes. I haven’t succeeded, but as long as I believe in parity and the fundamentals of sportsmanship, I will try; how-ever, the window is closing on our gloved fingers. You can teach many things, but character isn’t one of them.  Why do we attempt to emulate the worst qualities of the men’s division instead of standing behind our amateur partners, pushing for the Olympics, and monitoring our own sport? Why are we fighting for Cracker Jack prizes instead of canvassing promoters for real bouts; fights that are actually written about and admired by our detractors? What good is our kingdom if we give up our souls

That’s my opinion… women in glass houses shouldn’t throw punches – at least not for a meaningless belt. 

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