NABF Statement on the Passing of Gale Van Hoy

Gale Van Hoy

I am truly saddened at the passing of our fellow official Gale Van Hoy.  I had the honor and great pleasure of traveling the world with Gale working as an official. We always found time to laugh until we cried.  My greatest memories of Gale was eating dinner at a fne restaurant.  I loved watching Gale tell his stories and watching those joined around the table get nervous as Gale would tell another story.
I have missed our dear friend at the most recent conventions and will miss him even more now that he has completed his mortal existence.
Thank you Gale for the wonderful memories and for your generosity to those in need who you so willingly helped not asking for anything in return.
Lastly, thank you for making so many so nervous with your stories.
Duane B. Ford
President NABF

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