Goodbye to Hector

For four long days and nights, the fight universe and social media followed every minute of the ever-changing updates culminating in his tragic death at the age of 50.

Now Camacho will be laid to rest with burial plans currently being currently scheduled. As of today, it looks like the Boricua boxer will be buried in New York with special viewings and mass this week. Family friend Eddie Montalvo gave me an update just this morning with plans pending between the “Macho” man’s native Puerto Rico and New York.
“Hector is being laid to rest in New York City on Sunday. He will be viewed Thursday, Friday and Saturday,” Eddie said, mentioning that plans are still in the works as we speak. “Things changed and services may be at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. The World Boxing Council (WBC) will also be doing an homage.”

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