Greg Page

“He’s still the same Greg!”

[Simi Valley, CA] Patricia Love, affectionately known as “MamaLove” on AOL, is also the fiancée of former world champion, Greg Page.  Now, she is his full time caregiver following the tragic accident on March 9th, 2001 at a boxing show in Erlanger, Kentucky.  On that fateful night, Greg suffered an extreme traumatic brain injury, which impacted three areas of his brain-all on the right side.  He was taken to the closest trauma center at the University Hospital of Cincinnati, Ohio where he was rushed to surgery with a dismal prognosis.  According to the Retired Boxers Foundation Medical Advisory Board Member, Neurosurgeon and ringside physician in Nevada and California, Dr. Van Buren Lemons, Greg Page was blessed “with a remarkable neurologist and surgeon privy to the latest techniques in treating traumatic brain injury.  Were it not for a progressive surgical team, Greg Page would not be alive today.”

There were significant delays getting Greg to the hospital with not one, but two calls to

9-1-1.  Kentucky’s Athletic Commission does not require an ambulance or emergency medical personnel at sanctioned bouts and Patricia Love believes that were it not for her and Greg’s genuine belief in God, he would not have made it.   Kentucky requires ” a stretcher and a clean blanket; oxygen.”   The State of Kentucky still maintains no responsibility for the delays in getting Greg Page to the hospital.  They maintain that they provided the minimum required by law.    According to Jacquie Richardson, Executive Director of the Retired Boxers Foundation,  “Sometimes common sense needs to prevail.  For God’s sake, a rodeo requires professional staff for the steers.  The least we could do is have an ambulance at a boxing show!”

It took twenty-two minutes for an ambulance to arrive and take Greg Page to a hospital.  Adding insult to injury, Greg Page suffered one or two strokes after emergency surgery, leaving him paralyzed on the left side of his body.  He had a tracheotomy so that he could breath and a stomach tube for nourishment.  Unable to speak, Greg could only nod his head to respond in the affirmative, and turn his head to say “no” in response to very simple questions.   By early April, he was transferred to a rehabilitation facility in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.   He remains in an intensive rehabilitative program, learning to speak, eat and move all over again.  On July 5th-the day the picture was taken (above), he was released from the inpatient program to his home and now reports daily from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. for outpatient rehabilitation.   Even though Greg is home, “his recovery is a long way from being over!” according to Patricia Love.

Patricia Love contacted the Retired Boxers Foundation on July 6th-the day after Greg was allowed to go home to continue outpatient rehabilitation.  She found the RBF website in a desperate search for support-both emotional and financial.  Her email simply said, “Where do I go to get help?”  She continued, “Greg’s ‘friends’ and former promoters seem to have forgotten about him.  Is there anyplace to contact for help?”

Devout Christians, both Patricia and Greg have turned their lives over to God.  Patricia says that “After Greg was hurt, when we got into the ambulance, I turned it over to God.  I prayed like I had never prayed in my entire life.  Greg’s recovery, to this date has been nothing short of a miracle.  We serve an awesome God!”   When she received Ramos’s response from the Retired Boxers Foundation, she wrote back, “I could say that I am shocked to get your phone call last night, however, it is all part of his plan and I cannot question that.”

Deeply touched by the trouble his old friend was suffering from, Ramos sent Patricia money to help pay for Greg’s prescription drugs.  Even though the couple had applied for medical assistance, it would take time before they had the money they needed for Greg’s basic needs.  Patricia had also written, “After I went to get Greg’s prescriptions filled the other night, and they told me the total amount, I was panic-stricken.  All that I had with me was $200 and that was for the rent.  So I told the pharmacist to give me enough for one week.  As I went home, I prayed.  God knows what we need.  But the human side of me got scared.  The devil was testing me.  However, as I prayed, I asked God to forgive me for doubting him and I left it in God’s hands.  When I found your website (the Retired Boxers Foundation, it was ‘purely by accident’ (most folks would say) BUT, I know that God is working his miracle again.”

Alex Ramos was troubled by the fact that while Greg was hospitalized and in inpatient rehab for over four months; he did not receive one letter, one card or a single communication from anyone in the sport of boxing.   He made up his mind to make sure that his “brothers in boxing” knew about Greg and he pleaded with fighters and fans alike to find a soft spot in their hearts to reach out to Greg and help him out.   Patricia Love sends frequent emails and cards to Alex to let him know that his efforts are making a difference.  He has received a couple of emails and a number of calls.  Some generous supporters have sent modest checks for $10, $20 and even a $100.   Every little bit helps the couple financially, but more importantly, spiritually.

Presently, Greg has recovered long term memory.  According to Patricia, “If Greg met you at some point in the past, he still remembers you.  His day-to-day memory is “o.k.” and is still improving.”  When Greg found out that Alex “The Bronx Bomber” Ramos and the Retired Boxers Foundation were going to help him and Patricia get back on their feet, Greg told her that Alex was “for real.  A straight shooter and a REALLY nice guy.”

Your browser may not support display of this image.Your browser may not support display of this image.Two weeks ago, Patricia reported that Greg is working on standing and has been able to stand up with very minimal assistance for a couple of minutes with only a chair to help with his balance.  This might seem like a small accomplishment, but until last week, the only way he was able to stand was with a person on each side-one in the front and one in the back, and they had to hold him up.  This week, a therapist stood in front of him to guide him and one stood in back to spot him as he used the chair to pull himself up and maintain his balance for just a couple of minutes.

In the most recent email to the Retired Boxers Foundation, Patricia writes, “For the most part, he is still the same Greg.  He is still recovering.  Greg will be the first to tell you that all of this is by God’s design.  He will also tell you how good God has been to him.  Please keep him in your prayers.”   Alex Ramos continues to send updates and letters to the brotherhood of fighters and many have Greg Page in their prayers.  Others promise to do something to help.  Ramos maintains that it has to be “Fighters helping fighters!  Ain’t nobody gonna help us if we don’t help ourselves!”   If you want to help, please call Alex Ramos at (805) 583-5890 or email him at  You can send a tax-deductible donation to the Greg Page Fund in care of the Retired Boxers Foundation (Tax ID #77-0492319), 3359 Bryan Avenue, Simi Valley, CA  93063.     Your contribution will be forwarded to the Page family and you will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.  For more information about Alex “The Bronx Bomber” Ramos and the Retired Boxers Foundation, visit their website at

For more information on traumatic brain injury, visit  It is believed that 87% of all boxers have suffered from some type of brain injury.  The Retired Boxers Foundation created a Medical Advisory Board specifically to identify ways to prevent chronic brain injury, identify symptoms of brain trauma and to mitigate second impact injuries, which are often the result of injuries, suffered in sparring.   The Medical Advisory Board, under the guidance of Dr. Van Buren Lemons, is working with Assemblyman Keith Richman-the only physician in the California Legislature-to require an ambulance and emergency medical personnel at all sanctioned venues in California.    “Athletic Commissions continue to enforce existing legislation.  If it isn’t legislated, it isn’t likely to be added.” said RBF Executive Director, Jacquie Richardson, referring to the addition of precautionary measures at boxing shows-specifically ambulances.   She encourages fans and boxing personnel to write to their legislators if they think ambulances are important.  Would you be willing to pay an extra dime on your ticket to provide emergency precautions for fighters?  .

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