Horace Kent: NABF Star of the Month

             scan0001Is there anyone in boxing who doesn’t love this man — and Pat, the woman behind the man? Well, Horace is a piece of boxing history. We’re very happy to share his story with you. He makes all of us a little better for the knowing!

Horace: In 1936 my father started driving a School Bus at a Methodist (from New York) owned and operated Grammar School and High School (1st through 12th Grades) here in Sevier County, Tennessee.  He took his first Pay Check and bought a Battery Radio.  (We had no Electricity, running water or anything like that).  Kids from all around frequently walked to our house to listen to the Lone Ranger (through all the static, etc.) and other Radio programs.  We had the only Radio for miles around.  Very few Automobiles, so for the most part we walked to where ever we traveled.  Anyway;


On June 6th 1937 when Joe Louis fought Jim Braddock for the Championship, folks, young and old, for miles around walked and came to our house that night to listen to the fight on Radio.  At that young age, I was somewhat impressed that we had garnered all these folks from all around to our house to listen to the only Radio around.  I can vividly remember that I thought we were rich because otherwise a crowd like this would not gather at our house.  I also remember that no one thought Joe Louis would win, (no one knew a left hook from a fish hook as related to boxing) and when Joe won, the crowd lingered at our house for sometime discussing that the reason he won, or the reason that Jim lost was this and that, and if they had done this or that they would have either lost or won, etc.  From that day to this date, I have been a devout boxing fan.  (Been a few years !!!!!!!)

Horace: As you know Pat does have interest in boxing, but she has her favorites as to who she follows and wants to watch either live or on TV.  She loves the Conventions.  Our youngest Son (Len) has a passion for boxing, and as a matter of fact he used to make all the NABF Conventions.  He ranks highly among some of the Executive Board members who have been around for sometime.  However, he got married, and problems developed that made it difficult for him to be as loyal as Pat and I have been.  I do think however, things are somewhat better, and he may attend the WBC Convention in Vegas.  Daughter and Oldest Son have no interest in boxing.
Horace: All my involvement with boxing has been a very important part of my life, and I have had a lot of ups and downs (especially financially).  Have had some fighters with potential, but never had one that had the dedication, determination, self-discipline, to pull off the final what Champions do, and that is because of condition to be able to go toe to toe from bell to bell for 12 rounds, and that is what it takes to be a Champion.  The great thing is that I have met and hopefully become friends with so many knowledgeable folks within the WBC and NABF, that when I am faced with a question related to boxing here in the hills of Tennessee, if I don’t know the answer, if there is an answer, I know the right WBC/NABF friends, who do know the answer, AND THAT TRULY MEANS A LOT TO ME.  THE FAMILY OF THE WBC/NABF ARE ALSO THE FAMILY OF PAT AND ME !!!!  THE VAST AMOUNT OF KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THIS FAMILY IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Horace: Championship rounds from 15 to 12.  More strict physicals for the sake of safety.  Drug testing.  Instituting the Mohammad Ali Act.  Association of Boxing Commissioners.  Equipment and Gear;  (Gloves, Mouth Pieces, Protective Cups etc.)  All, I think for the better when it comes to safety.  Televised fights going from “free” to “Pay-Per-View”.
Horace: Since I live, sleep, and talk boxing, of course once or even twice a year is not as often as I would love to sit over a drink and talk to my boxing friends about boxing or this fighter or that fighter, so I do miss (even though Cell Phones and E-mails help to some degree to fill the void) seeing the boxing friends more often.
Horace: Good question !!!  There are so many folks in boxing with such vast knowledge as related to boxing, I know they are constantly looking at ways to improve the sport and I feel that they are doing such a good job at improving boxing that I feel lost when it comes to taking a stab at this question. 
Horace: That Radio with all the static back in 1937 was my original inspiration.  Of course all my young cronies, when we knew nothing about boxing, inspired me to do all I could possibly do, TO LEARN AND KNOW MORE THAN THEY KNEW !!!!!!!!!  I had no Coaches, Gyms, or anything  like that available to me, if so, I feel very confident that I would have given boxing a serious try at a very young age.
Horace: I would like to inspire others, especially Amateurs, however, within the Amateur ranks, when someone like myself, who has had no previous physical exposure to boxing, most Amateur Coaches feel that a lack of exposure is truly a lack of knowledge since their main concern is to teach Amateur boxing.  Also my, me personally, bigger concern is Professional Boxing and not Amateur boxing, however, one must recognize that most Professionals come from Amateurs.  In fact, there is one Amateur Coach in my area who does look in the distance for his Amateurs, and he does have me speak on occasion to his Amateurs, and this does enlighten me, just to have that honor. 


Вдруг рядом "Практические навыки ветеринарного специалиста"раздался голос, и только "Предмет и задачи дисциплины эпизоотология"тут я вынырнул из небытия.

Южная часть "Предмет и задачи сельскохозяйственной экологии"очага предназначается для мужчин, "Предпосевная обработка почвы. Биологические особенности картофеля"северная для женщин.

Когда я добрался до "Предпринимательство в аграрном секторе экономики"задней стены, то встал, опираясь "Практические аспекты организации экономической работы в аграрных предприятиях"на нее, и начал "Предпринимательство на примере птицефабрики"шарить пальцами по поверхности, отыскивая пульт управления.

Слишком рано "Предприятия агробизнеса"я его убила, "Предприятие в аграрной сфере"заявила Террама, защищаясь от "Предприятия для переработки животных на мясо и санитарные принципы их организации"ударов Вирджинии.

Похоже, он прополз за ночь большое расстояние.

Прикоснулся, и кончики пальцев окрасила кровь.

Пока он почерневшими руками запихивал "скачать таблица степеней"в рот эти "песня ирины круг тебе моя последняя любовь скачать"масляные кусочки, пыль у его ног прибили первые капли дождя.

Молодчик "скачать бот для танки онлайн"с соломенными волосами, который "скачать красивый фон для фотошопа"назвался твоим именем.

Археологи только недавно начали раскапывать эти холмы, "куры в космосе скачать"под многими из которых скрывались древние дворцы, города.

Это оборудование робот, "скачать чек бланк"и он неожиданно "скачать программу для снятия видео с веб камеры"появился неподалеку отсюда и очень может быть "скачать песни одуванчики"опасным.

Первым ее взору предстал самый ненавистный полузащитник "скачать игр жизнь"Англии, Дж.

Ей двадцать девять лет, она работает секретаршей "скачать игру большой змей"главы одной из самых крупных кампаний, торгующих зерном.

Русский перевод сделан мною лично.

Бледненькая она какая-то, заметил робкий голос.

Билл, ни мало не пристыженный этими словами, встал и пошел за Джадсоном в коридор.

Давай сохранять хладнокровие, и завтра "Ограбление по-марсиански" во второй половине дня мы расстанемся.

И пока он будет пресмыкаться на полу, я воспользуюсь случаем и дам ему "Пропавшие без вести" хорошего пинка в зад.

Он не мог знать, что на самом деле он уходит для того, чтобы подвергнуть все человечество угрозе возвращения в самые темные, первобытные времена.

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