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hmVail, Hubert, Albert, Herbert and Gilbert Minn gathered at Hubert’s home in Manoa recently. The family has found success in a variety of sports.

We see each other at conventions and fights. We consider each other part of a large family coming together for great events. We are united by our love for the wonderful sport of boxing; but we rarely do we look beneath the colorful fabric that makes each other’s lives special. Judge, Hubert Minn has an amazing story. I will begin by quoting you an article from the Hawaii Star Bulletin written about him and his family:
“The family has been involved n Sports for three generations. They’ve been principals,

referees, soldiers, legislators, coaches and teachers. The Minn family is wildly known in Hawaii for its athletic prowess in a variety of sports – but what really makes them standout is

dedication – from the oldest generation to the youngest, to sportsmanship and excellence

beyond the ring, filed or pool.”
Below is an interview with one of the most beloved and worthy men in our community. I am proud to share the NABF’s, Hubert Minn.

    What is your life about?

Hubert: I work for the Mayor of Honolulu, the 12th largest city in the USA,

My actual title is the Deputy Director – Dept of Enterprise Services ( Public Golf Courses, Zoo, Blaisdell Ctr
Concerts, etc )
I love traveling, and going too many exotic places- eg. Vietnam, The golden Triangle, etc. and absorbing the culture, and I am an avid golfer and amateur chef.
I love to be involved in politics, from the “grass roots level”, and relish challenges.
Boxing has always been in the family and I love other sporting events.

I also appreciate some intellectual conversations on specific subjects.
I believe in the statement- “it’s better to look like a pauper and live like a king, instead of looking like a king but live like a pauper,”… so basically I do what I desire and not necessarily the norm.

Maybe that’s why I get in trouble.
My focus now is to take care of my daughter, who has Down Syndrome, but graduated, reads, writes, does math, and has exceptional social skills. My wife did a great job with her and they were inseparable since birth. We did a 2 yr program, 24 hrs a day to help her and went to the Institute of Human Potential, in Chestnut Hills, Pennsylvania, by Glenn Dolman. They may be practicing some of his concepts in hospitals that you visited.

     What are your goals?

Hubert: Personal Goals

I am sharing with you what I wrote to my Mayor when he asked me the same question.

Personal Goals
To adhere to my “Constancy of Purpose”, Kaizen, a Japanese term defined as:
“Continuous & constant improvement of oneself as a quality human being,
never content or satisfied with the status quo.”

To live in harmony with my core values and principles which are based on:
Honesty, trustworthiness, competence, and finally, most important of all, integrity.

Overcome restraining forces of :
Pride, passion, unbridled aspirations & ambitions, exercising self-discipline and self denial.

Contribute to the betterment of Society:
Dedicating my talents and resources to the noble & honorable purpose of providing
services to others.

Insure the safety & welfare of my family both physically and economically

Department Goals

Improve Departmental services & efficiency by utilizing “Quality principles & tools”:

The importance & understanding of Systems and alignment – 90% of all problems in any organizations are due to systemic flaws and not the workers

Reduction of variation by utilization of feedback from workers -(data collection and analysis)

Improvement theories based on PDSA process ( Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle )

Appreciate & empower workers to take personal pride and ownership in their tasks

Offer opportunities of quality experiences by enhancing customer satisfaction vs. providing customer service

     A little about your family?

Hubert: I hope you don’t mind me sending you an article about my family It offers some interesting information,
and mahalo (thanks) for taking up some of my time. It helps me a lot when I write.
I have a son that is a fireman and he got married 5 days before my wife passed.
She wasn’t going to attend the wedding but we got some O2 and we went in a wheel chair and she lasted the ceremony and reception line and then went to the hospital. Although there was much joy, there was much sadness also as you can imagine /“She wasn’t able to dance with her son on his wedding day.” It sure made her passing even more difficult but my son danced with his grandmother instead. It was heartbreaking watching him as a father and a husband.

     Most inspiring person?

Hubert: My wife-never complained or grumbled ( never talked bad about people )
When my daughter was born and we found out about her condition, we cried, but after a few minutes, she stopped, looked me in the eye, and said, “nuff already, she’s ours and we have been blessed to have her and we will raise her as normal as possible”. She was always helping others. She was beautiful, inside and out, but always humble. I always thought that the inner strength our family displayed came from my father’s family, but in the end, I told her that it came from her. The strength she displayed in the last 3 weeks was unbelievable.
I was blessed to be chosen by her to be her mate for 30 years.

     Greatest accomplishment?

Hubert: Raising 2 wonderful contributing, caring human beings and keeping the family name creditable.

     If you could change one thing about boxing?

Hubert: More respect for the ringside Officials in compensation and services

    How would you like to be remembered?

Hubert: A person who always displayed care and giving, lived his life with integrity, and made a difference in others life.

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