Interview with Edna Cherry

by Jill Diamond – Chair, NABF Female Championships

Edner Cherry says… “Great champions need to find ways to win fights.” Well, on August 11th, 2006, Edner Cherry found himself to be a great champion. Despite an injury that he incurred during his NABF bout with Daniel Alicia, Cherry kept at it, winning by a TKO in the twelfth. Today Edner’s the NABF Lightweight Champion, and we’re proud he’s on our team.

Jill:  Tell me about your journey into the ring?

Edner: I was born in the Bahamas in Nassau…I came to the U.S. in 1991 at the age of 11.  I started boxing at the age of 14. 

Jill: What was your first experience with boxing?

Edner:  A friend had told me, and my friend Dillet, about the boxing gym in my hometown of Wachula. We loved it and told the coach at the gym we wanted to box. The next day we started.

Jill: How do you generally prepare for a fight?

Edner: I prepare with hard work in training.  I have to leave my family and friends behind to concentrate on my training. Like every other boxer I run and spar.

Jill: Would you tell me something about your family? How do they view your career?

Edner: My Mom and Dad…if it wasn’t up to them I wouldn’t be where I am…they made sure I went to school…they did a whole lot for me to keep me out of trouble.  I have great parents who really care about me.  When I was young my parents taught me how to work…they have been working in the orange groves since we moved to Florida…they put me to work in the orange groves with them…so I know what hardship is all about…I learned hard work from my parents and working in the orange groves…in life things don’t come easy you have to work for what you want.

My wife…I have a beautiful wife who makes sure I am in my place; she has my back 100% and supports me…she pushes me when I am ready to give up and makes me go the extra mile…She views my career in a positive way…she believes that I will do well and be great.

My son…Edner Jr…He will be 2 years old in Dec…He is growing up so fast; I hope when he grows up that he can support his dad…and he will always be by my side pushing me just like his momma.

Jill: What’s your life like outside the ring?

Edner: In my spare time when I am not boxing I play basketball and hang out with friends…I like to stay home and chill.  I go to church on Sundays and Wednesdays for prayer and bible study. 

Jill: Do you think you’ll ever be the main card on HBO?

Edner: Oh Yes!  Definitely!  This is the reason I do this…I have come too far in this sport…I work hard and I think one day I will be on HBO if I keep by hard work up and dedicate myself to the sport…Other fighters have made it there so why can’t Edner Cherry make it…I will do what I need to do to be the main event on HBO…I made myself from scratch so I know I can make it there.

Jill: Who’s on your team?

Edner: Starfight Productions is my promoter and we have such a great team.  First of all I put Starfight Productions…and I have Pete Fernandez as my trainer…I owe a great deal to the guys in the gym that help me out Cookie Fernandez, Paul Simpson, and Danny Ramos…My friends and family are a great part of my team…as well as all of my fans.

Jill:  You injured your hand during the fight with Alicia. Was there a moment in the 7th round that you were afraid you couldn’t go on? 

Edner: The hand is doing pretty well…I am getting it checked out by a an orthopedic doctor next week…There was no point in the fight that I wanted to stop; a real champion will keep on going…some rounds it was hurting and I couldn’t throw it hard…but that is where knowledge and wisdom come in…instead of hitting hard, I would just touch touch touch with it…and then when the pain went away I would load up with the hand again…Great champions need to find ways to win fights.

Jill: Anyone inspire you?

Edner: A few people have inspired me in the boxing sense…Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones, Jeff Lacy, Winky Wright…They are stars and they make me want to work harder to be where they are at.

Jill: Anyone stand in your way?

Edner: Nobody has ever tried to hold me back…I have enjoyed great support from family, friends, and fans.

Jill: What’s been your greatest moment?

Edner: My greatest moment in boxing was my last fight against Daniel Alicia because after that fight everyone asked me how was the hand; and when my hand was messed up I was able to pull through…Everyone thought I fought a great fight with one hand…It was great to win the NABF and USNBC titles as well as defend my WBC CABOFE Title.

Jill: What’s been your biggest frustration?
Edner: My most frustrating moment in boxing was actually a fight in Cocunut Grove versus Mauricio Julio…a fight which I won…but I got dropped in the fight and I was very frustrated…I apologized to my trainer many times and was very upset with my performance even though I won.

Jill: How do you see your future?

Edner: Going all the way as a champion holding many titles in my weight division…I want to be the greatest…that is how I see my future as a recognized fighter and a great fighter.  After my career is over, when I am done, hopefully I can make some money and start some businesses so I can relax later in life…something that can take care of me and my family after my boxing career is over.

Jill: What does being an NABF champion mean to you?

Edner; It means a whole lot…to be the NABF champion…not everyone has the opportunity to fight for the NABF title…I have been fortunate to fight for the title twice…I lost my first opportunity against Jose Armando Santa Cruz so it made winning the title against Alicia all the more sweet.

Jill: What’s next?

Edner: I want to see myself fighting the best in this sport…I have worked too hard, so I want to see myself move along in the ratings and I will continue to fight the best fighters to try to take their spot.  I would love to fight newly crowned WBC Interim Lightweight Champion David Diaz who just beat Santa Cruz…I think that would be a great fight and I would love the opportunity.

Jill:  If you could pass on any advice to a young person starting out in boxing, what would it be?

Edner: The only thing I would tell him would be to put God first in your life, train hard; the way to be a good fighter is practice, practice, and practice…dedicate yourself to the sport…there are certain things that you have to leave behind; such as friends that might hold you back…everything will come in time…put all your heart into this and that is how you will become a champion and become recognized.

Jill: Win or loose, how would you like to be remembered?

Edner: I want to be remembered as a great fighter with a good personality in the sport; that treats people right but most of all as a warrior of God…as Edner “Cherry Bomb” Cherry.

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