Jack Loew: NABF Star of the Month

th“Be yourself and always be ready to learn.” Spoken by one of the best trainers in boxing,  Mr. Jack Loew.

The NABF is proud of the fighters who wear their Belts. Many of them go on to become world class heroes; and as a famous athlete once said “…to be a real champion you have to win twice.” That’s where the Trainer comes in. A trainer can make the difference between a surprise win and a consistent winner. And now, for Jack Loew; this months’ NABF star is such a man — the champions champion,  one of the most respected men in our community.

Tell me about your journey to the ring? Why boxing?

 My journey to the ring began when I was in the 8th grade, I started training in the 8th grade and boxed through my senior year in high school, I had a record of 18- 1 as an amateur, I was also an all states football player and accepted a scholarship to the University of Southern Colorado, while playing at USC I injured my knee and 4 operations later my football career was over.

Who inspired you? Who are your heroes?

Actually my H/S football coach has inspired me by the way he coached. I have carried this over to the way I train my boxers.

My hero is my granddaughter Alexa.

A bad call? A great moment?

A bad call is something that really helps you understand that boxing is more of a business than a sport, a great moment is something you better learn to cherish.

The Southside Boxing Club? What makes it special?

Our club is special because of the blue collared work ethic we install in are young boxers.

Given a fighter has real talent, what makes them a champion?

Willingness to go that extra mile above and beyond your opponents

Who are some of the good ones you work/worked with?

I’ve worked with Kelly Pavlik, Willie Nelson, Billy Lyle, Prenice Brewer, Jeff Lampkin

Be yourself and bethe nabf is proud of the figther’s who wear their belts. many of them go on to become world class heroes. but as a famous athlete once said “to be a real champion you have to win twice.” that’s were the Trainer comes in. a trainer can make the difference between a surprise win and a conssitant winner. And here come Jack Loew. when we think of champions, we rarely thinkj abou the man in the corner; the one who builds the figthers skill, confidence, endurance and record. This months’ NABF star is such a man — the champions champion and one of the most respected men in  our community.

Tell us a little about Willie “the Great” Nelson.

Willie is one of the easiest kid I ever worked with. He’s a gym rat, and is always ready to go that extra mile.

What’s it like when your fighter enters the ring and he’s not doing the plan? How do you get his attention? 

Every fighter is different and that’s where a good trainer comes in. You have to know what motivates that individual, and also have a backup plan.

willie group

Tell me about the team.

Team consists of me as head trainer, John Hutter and my son John Loew are my seconds, and we’ve used different cut men. Willies two advisers are Sam Sharpio, Jeff Simon; and were promoted by Lou Dibella and Steve Smith.

Tell me about the pressure to win.

Since I’ve already had a world champ it puts pressure because nobody thinks my guys should loose

What makes a Team work?

Key word is Team and if everyone does there part that is the key to success

Any advice for beginning trainers?

Be yourself and always be willing to learn.

What would you like to change about the sport?

Bring it back to being a sport where the best man wins. It’s too much of a big business.

How would you like to be remembered?

Honest and straight forward, I’ll tell you like it is and expect the same in return.

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Мне не нравится предстоящая поездка, но “Предубойный осмотр кроликов и нутрий“ты лучше понимаешь человеческую психологию.

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