Jennifer Barber

NABF Female Fighter of The Year



Jennifer “The Razor” Barber recently was awarded the NABF Female Fighter of the Year for 2008. She’s the current NABF Featherweight Champion. She recently conducted an interview on her website on winning this award.


Congratulations on being named the 2008 NABF Female Fighter of the Year. What was going through your head when you were informed that you won this award?


I was in shock, because the Fighter of the year is a prestigious award. I was just gracious for being honored. I mean out of all the ladies they chose me. So winning the award has been very rewarding for me and my team. It just shows me that hard work pays off.


What does winning the NABF Fighter of the Year mean to you and your career?


It means that I am closer to reaching my goal of becoming a World Champion. It has definitely up the ante for me as far as training and preparing myself in the gym. My expectations are high.


You last fight was November in France for the WBC Super Featherweight Championship, talk about that experience.


It was a great experience, I mean I got to travel the world and see Paris. Not to mention, do what I love, even though it was a controversial decision I have no regrets. I mean I did all I could to win the fight except knock the girl out. But it has definitely motivated me to not let anymore fights go to the judges’ scorecards.


You have a very impressive record at 8-1 (4 KO’s), but it hasn’t been as easy as you made it look. Could you talk about the difficulty and mental aspect of having consistently fought your fights in other fighters’ hometown?


Fighting in someone else’s hometown hasn’t been difficult at all. My coach Stan Ward has prepared me mentally for these challenges in the gym. We work on a lot of mental training to prepare us for the underdog role. Even though I usually come in with the better record and resume. They still try to sway things for the hometown girl but, I’m glad to be put in these tough situations, because it makes me a better fighter.


So what have you been doing since your last fight?


I have been in the gym training. For the last 8 months we have been working on improving my skills. It’s been hard because all the potential fights have dropped for one reason or another. Either the promoter pulls out or the proposed opponents don’t want to fight. It’s tough because I love to get in the ring and fight. This is by far the most difficult time. During the down time I just have been trying to be consistent with my training.

So what is next for the “The Razor?”


Just continue to train. Actually I am headed to the U.S. Virgin Island for my wedding. So I will try to enjoy my vacation, but I will still be working out because I never know when I’ll fight. So I just try to stay ready. I look forward to winning a World Title within the next year. So be on the lookout for that. Also I just want to say thanks to all my fans for all the support. Hugs & Punches


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