* This year we are having our Fundraiser for our Junior Olympic Boxing Team, Team New Jersey, that consist of boxers between the ages of 8-16, with at least 5 bouts, to attend the JO Junior Golden Gloves 2012 Nationals. 

 The 5-day event is being held in Nevada, July 16-23, 2012.

 This is a Great opportunity for our young people to get out of the inner city for a few days, and meet & compete against, some of the best kids in the country. These young people come to the gym every day, instead of hanging out in the streets, with dreams of making it big some day, and all they are asking is for that chance, a chance of a lifetime. Even if they don’t continue boxing, a trip like this could be a life-changing event.

  We are reaching out to businesses, families, friends, boxing organizations and the rest of the community to help support these young people. Right now we are way behind as very few of you have given anything!

 Any donation, no matter how small is Greatly appreciated. The donations will go towards airfare, lodging and food for our young boxers and the trainers/coaches.

You can send your donation, made out to “Jr. Independent Gloves” to yours truly. 

Henry Hascup
59 Kipp Ave.
Lodi, N.J. 07644

People that do donate, their name will appear in the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame AD Journal in November.

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