Judge Nathan Palmer and the March of Dimes

Help us Help the Children!

Today she is a beautiful young girl, but if it were not for organizations like the March of Dimes, and people like our Nathan Palmer, she wouldn’t have made it. Let’s support him in his Walk! – Jill

“In November of 2006, expecting our first child in an otherwise healthy pregnancy, my wife unexpectedly went into premature labor 8 weeks early. Despite spending over 3 weeks in the NICU, we were very fortunate to have a healthy premature baby. At least with no major complications. Today, a premature baby can lead a healthy life with no major complications, but the assistance of research and education is greatly needed. Our own experience, the experience around us in the NICU, and speaking with other families who may not have been so fortunate has led us to believe this is a cause worth fighting for. I hope you’ll join us in the fight for healthy babies.”

                                                          Why March for Babies?


Your support helps babies?


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