Junior Championship Rules





In order to foster the development and recognition of the accomplishments of future champions, the North American Boxing Federation (“NABF”) establishes the NABF Junior Championship title. The NABF Junior Championship Subcommittee shall apply the following Rules, Requirements and Regulations to govern NABF Junior Championship bouts. Subject tothe specific deviations detailed herein, all other rules and regulations of the NABF shall apply to NABF Junior Championship bouts.


A. Geographic. Consistent with the NABF Championship Rules, boxers who are at least eighteen (18) years of age and who reside in Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America may be approved as challengers or champions for the NABF Junior Championship title. In addition, boxers who can establish to the satisfaction of the NABF Junior Championship  Subcommittee that he/she intends to pursue his/her career, in whole or in part, within Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America also may be approved as challengers or champions for the NABF Junior Championship title.

B. Age/Experience. The NABF Junior Championship Subcommittee shall have the sole authority to determine the eligibility of boxers to participate in an NABF Junior Championship bout and/or to hold the NABF Junior Championship title. In determining an individual boxer’s eligibility, the NABF Junior Championship Subcommittee shall employ a sliding scale utilizing the boxer’s age and professional experience on a case-by-case basis. For example, a younger boxer with a substantial number of prior professional bouts may be determined to be ineligible, while an older boxer with fewer prior professional bouts may be determined to be eligible.

C. Ineligible Participant. In its sole discretion, the NABF Junior Championship Subcommittee may permit an NABF Junior Championship bout to proceed despite the fact that one of the participants has been determined to be ineligible to hold the NABF Junior Championship title. In such event, if the eligible boxer is victorious in the bout, he/she shall win or retain the NABF Junior Championship title; however, if the ineligible boxer is victorious in the bout, the NABF Junior Championship title shall be declared vacant.

D.Participation in prior title bouts. With the exception of a prior NABF Junior Championship bout scheduled for a duration of ten (10) rounds, boxers who have previously participated in a title bout of a scheduled duration of 10 or more rounds shall be ineligible to hold the NABF Junior Championship title.


A. Weight Divisions. NABF Junior Championships bouts may be contested within the within the seventeen (17) standard weight divisions set forth in the NABF Championship Rules.
B.Minimum Duration. NABF Junior Championship bouts may be contested for a minimum of eight (8) rounds and a maximum of ten (10) rounds.
C. Championship Rules. With the exception of any specific deviations detailed herein, NABF Junior Championship bouts shall be contested pursuant to the then-current NABF Championship Rules.


A. Defense Obligations. Within ninety (90) days after winning an NABF Junior Championship bout, or, in the case of a defending champion, retaining his/her championship by way of a draw or no decision, each NABF Junior Champion shall be required to defend his/her NABF Junior Championship title against an opponent approved by the NABF Junior Championship Subcommittee. In furtherance of this rule, each boxer in an NABF Junior Championship title bout shall execute a written agreement that, upon winning such bout, or, in the case ofa defending champion, retaining his/her championship by way of a draw or no decision, he/she will make a defense of such title within ninety (90) days.
B. Exceptions. Upon request from the boxer or his/her representative, the NABF Junior Championship Subcommittee, in its sole discretion, may grant an exception to this rule. Each request for an exception to this rule shall be reviewed on a case- by-case basis, and decisions by the NABF Junior Championship Subcommittee as to prior or unrelated requests shall have no precedential value.
C. Effect of Failure to Timely Defend. In the event that an NABF Junior Champion shall fail to timely defend his/her title as detailed herein, the NABF Junior Championship Subcommittee may vacate the title.


A.Incorporation of NABF Ratings. The NABF Junior Championship Subcommittee will not issue its own ratings separate and apart from those issued by the NABF. The NABF Junior Championship Subcommittee shall determine the eligibility, or lack thereof, of challengers for the NABF Junior Championship title on a case-by-case basis. 
B. Rating of NABF Junior Champions. All NABF Junior Champions shall be rated by the NABF in their respective weight division.


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