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Leonard, Hagler, Hearns and Duran in the 1980’s


During the 10 year period from 1980 through 1989, 9 fights occurred that featured Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns and Roberto Duran fighting against each other.  The almost annual showcase featuring these now Hall of Famers made their four person rivalry unmatched in the history of boxing. Their rivalry started in the first year of the decade and ended in the last. For those of you unable to remember or too young to recall their great series of fights, here is the chronological summary of their bouts:

Date                      Winner                                                Loser                                     Result                                   Site

6/20/1980            Duran                                    Leonard                               UD 15                                    Montreal

11/25/1980         Leonard                               Duran                                    TKO 8                                    New Orleans

9/16/1981            Leonard                               Hearns                                  TKO 14                                  Las Vegas

11/10/1983         Hagler                                   Duran                                    UD 15                                    Las Vegas

6/15/1984            Hearns                                  Duran                                    TKO 2                                    Las Vegas

4/15/1985            Hagler                                   Hearns                                  TKO 3                                    Las Vegas

4/06/1987            Leonard                               Hagler                                   SD 15                                     Las Vegas

6/12/1989            Hearns/Leonard               Hearns/Leonard               D 12                                       Las Vegas

12/7/1989            Leonard                               Duran                                    UD 12                                    Las Vegas

The fighters’ cumulative records against each other therefore are as follows:

Fighter                                 Wins                     Losses                   Draws

Leonard                               4                              1                              1

Hagler                                   2                              1                              0

Hearns                                  1                              2                              1

Duran                                    1                              4                              0

The controversies notwithstanding, particularly with regard to the split decision in the Leonard – Hagler bout and the draw decision of the second Leonard – Hearns fight, these fights can all be remembered as great because of the fighters themselves.  Of the 9 fights listed, some are classics (Leonard – Hearns I, Hagler – Hearns), others are memorable (Leonard – Duran II, Leonard – Hagler) and others were forgettable (Leonard – Duran III).  Nevertheless, taken collectively, these 9 bouts between these 4 legends have helped to make the 1980’s the last great period of boxing. Oh sure, we also had the emergence of Mike Tyson during this period but with the exit of Muhammad Ali, it was these 4 great fighters with their great rivalries, differing boxing styles and unique personalities that still enabled boxing to thrive during this time.

As it so often does, the passage of time seems to elevate the “good” to better than they were and the “great” to legendary status.  However, these 4 fighters need no passage of time to insure their greatness and their status as deserving Hall of Famers.  Will we ever have another 4 person “round robin” boxing tournament that Leonard, Hagler, Hearns and Duran participated in?  Probably not. Will the sport of boxing itself ever resume its status to the greatness that it once had? I certainly hope so but with the emergence of the popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA), that remains to be seen.

As many of you do I’m sure, I look back fondly on this era, these fights and certainly these great fighters. Besides fighting each other almost annually during the 1980’s, they of course also had other fights with other great fighters that occasionally made it into the mix during this time (i.e. Benitez, Cuevas, and Barkley). However, it was their willingness to fight each other over an extended period of time that made their rivalry so memorable.  Other than the Borg, McEnroe, Connors and Lendl tennis rivalry during this same period, I can think of no other sport, no other athletes that repeatedly brought out the best in each other.  For me at least, Leonard, Hagler, Hearns and Duran will forever be the “Grand Slam” of boxers during the 1980’s.

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