Letters to Cuomo

Governor Cuomo,

It’s my pleasure to address you, but it’s unfortunate for the circumstance to be somewhat dire.

Relegating the position of athletic commissioner to a per diem job is a great injustice for all of us involved in the boxing community.  Melvina Lathan has served her sport for many years with knowledge,  passion and most of all integrity. From her years as a judge to her present position as Athletic Commisisoner, Melvina has made the NYSAC a symbol of how and what a commission should be to its athletes. Boxing is a brutal and wonderful sport, and the men and women fighting for their livelihood and for their fans, deserve a stand up individual who will serve and protect them and constantly strive to better their sport. To diminish this position would deal the sport and its fighters a deadly blow in regards to their safety, morale and over all well being.  The sport, Ms. Lathan and the entire industry deserve better than having their leadership reduced to very nearly an afterthought of a position. The lives of hundred of athletes, and an entire industry from promoters, judges, doctors– anyone serving in any capacity in boxing, are all in danger of losing a leader.  Consider how those who fight for us- would suffer without proper regulation in regards not only to  their safety but how a lack of proper administration would expose them to shoddy business practices, financial disadvantage and improper health and safety measures.

There can not be enough said in regards to Melvina Lathan and the office she serves with such professionalism and dignity.

Amy Green, Boxing Publicist


Dear Governor Cuomo:

Boxing is a dangerous sport. All contacts sports are. To disallow boxing would be wrong. To put the position of NYS Athletic Commissioner in the hands of a  part timer would be equally wrong.

If these sports are to continue, with the level of safety and sanity they’ve acquired,  the person overseeing them should not act with impunity. They must make this the primary focus of their live– because the position eats your life, as it should; at times, the Commissioner can be is the arbitrator between life and death for an athlete.

Don’t take this position out of the realm of its importance. It’s a full time job and needs the dedication and experience of someone like Melvin Lathan. To do less, by giving it to someone willing to work for less, would be to say a boxer’s life is worth… less.


Jill Diamond.

World Boxing Cares, Chair

March 5, 2011

Dear Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

I, Edgardo Claudio, professional boxing licensed boxing referee for NYSAC, kindly
request that our chairperson Mrs. Melvina Lathan continue her paying position despite the state
budget problems.  In my opinion, Mrs. Lathan has served the commission diligently for the
last several years after her predecessor Mr. Ron Scott Stevens.  She has reinvigorated the
sport and has ” NEVER” compromise safety in or out the ring, making it safe and fair as possible
to all.  The ” Boss Lady” as I call her is beloved by everyone in the business due to her
experience (boxing judge for over 20 years), knowledge, passion, and for her no nonsense
administrator who earned her respect from her peers, athletes, writers, officials, promoters,
and managers for her fairness and dignity that she brings to the tables.  As the first
African American female to ever hold this position and what she has accomplish, it’ll be a
tremendous loss to our commission without her.  I strongly urge this matter to be reconsidered
because we are dealing with ” human lives” in the Square Circle, and having said that, what
better person than Mrs. Lathan to oversee that all combative sports are safe in the state
of New York.  Please keep her on the payroll for the benefit of all involved in combative sports in
the state of New York.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Edgardo Claudio


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