Lucky Lee Peters: NABF Star of the Month

lee1 editedMaybe they call him “Lucky” because so many people like him. Maybe, because he seems to have a natural enjoyment of life and the sport he shares with his friends. Maybe, because we’re “Lucky” to have him in our group. Read about this month’s NABF Star, Lucky Lee Peters.


Jill:   What brought you to boxing?

Lee:    I fought in Golden Gloves as teen-ager up in Minnesota for 5 yrs.  I had 45 fights and was a 4 Time Regional Champion and fought for the Upper Midwest Championship.


Jill:     How do you fee about the sport, today?

Lee:    The sport of boxing is being challenged by so many other action sports for the entertainment $ and media coverage.  I think this creates less interest to the sports fan.  Still we do have some good TV coverage.


Jill:   What does it mean to be a fight supervisor?

Lee:   As a Fight Supervisor, you are responsible for the officials at the Championship bout.  The “Quarterback”, making sure the judges and referee are all informed and have received their compensation.  The two fighter camps have completed their paperwork, received their instructions, received their NABF materials, etc.  After the fight, submit a completed report to the President.  I feel good about the job and I like it!


Jill:       Name a “dream” match you’d love to see.

 Lee:   I really don’t have one, just enjoy good even ling match-ups.

Jill       If you could change something about the sport, what would it be?

Lee:    Get rid of some of the organizations.


Jill:     Who has inspired you?

Lee:     As a boxer, it was Sugar Ray Robinson.  He was so smooth; I tried to copy his work-outs.

              As a boxing committee person, it is Rex Walker


Jill:     Is there a special incident you’d like to share?

Lee:   There is a saying that I would like to share. “In Sports,   You simply aren’t considered a Real Champion until you have defended your title successfully.  Winning it once can be a fluke, winning it twice proves you are the best” Althea Gibson.  I feel that this is especially true in the sport of boxing.


Jill:     What message would you like to share with other NABF members?

Lee:     Come to the Conventions and get involved!wbc 2007 117

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