Marian Muhammad

R.I.P. – Mikki Wilkins, daughter of IBF President Marian W. Muhammad

Mikki Wilkins, the daughter of IBF President Marian W. Muhammad, died today. Mikki was 36 years old.

Mikki attended the Newark and Irvington , NJ school system. Then went on to Essex County College and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Mikki worked at the IBF offices in accounts payable for approximately 8 years until she moved to Wilson , NC in 2003. Even after Mikki moved to NC, she attended every IBF convention to sell the IBF merchandise up until 2008 when the IBF convention was held in Germany . Mikki appeared to get sick on the plane on the way back home from Germany . She went back to NC and was under the care of her primary physician for approximately 2 months until she lost approximately 60 pounds. Finally she went to the hospital in July and was diagnosed with gastric cancer. She fought a valiant fight until 5:05 this morning when she took her last breath. Marian was with her when she transitioned.
Mikki has three children, Mujahid 14, Aaliyah 14 and Mikaya 11.
Funeral services will be on Saturday, July 4, at Carrons Funeral Home, 325 Nash Street E, Wilson, NC 27893 (252) 237-2169

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