Meet Joe Dwyer

  In my series of interviews with our NABF Officers, I’m privileged to start with Joseph Dwyer. Could there be a more honorable man or respected member of the boxing community than Joey D? He’s the only man I know who can yell at your without raising his voice. And let’s not forget the classic wink and the customary cigar. So, question number one… how do I find room on the page to fit all his titles? Well, here goes. He’s earned everyone of them!

Who is Joey D?

NABF Vice President & Championship Chmn. Formar IBF Championship Chmn. Judge Chief Inspector, NYSAC  Inspector, NYSAC US Navy Middleweight Champion NYS Middleweight Champion Metropolitan AAU Middleweight Champion


Jill: What do you consider your specialty?

Joe: I consider making Title bouts my forte. I can empathize with what a Judge is going through during a fight, having sat on the “high chair” for six (6) years. It is often a thankless job.

Jill: What makes a good Judge ?

Joe: While I feel ex boxer’s often make the best Judge’s, I find many people who never engaged in the sport to be highly competent Officials.Ex fighter’s can empathize what the fighter’s are going through during the bout, stamina, being cut, effective aggression, etc.

On the other hand boxing has many highly competent females officials,Melvina Lathan, Adelide Byrd, C.J. Ross, Julie Lederman, Robyn Taylor, Gwen Adair, and not to be forgotten, Eva Shain, and Carol Castellano.


Jill: Do you think officials should go through periodic recertification?

Joe: Certification of Officials is extremely Important, by the Sanctioning Body, the ABC as well as State Commissions. We are never past the point of learning something new.


Jill: What about Unification?

Joe: The Unified Rules, are the best available rules to maintain uniformity of Title Bouts, credit for their formation must be credited to Larry Hazzard, the former Chairman of the NJSAC, a terrific administrator as well a one of the finest Referee’s I have had the pleasure of watching in action.


Jill: One of the best matches you’ve seen?

Joe: The recent Margarito vs Cotto bout stands out as one of the most exciting bouts in recent years.



Jill: You say that sanctioning championship bouts is your forte. So, what makes a champion?

Joe: In approving Sanction Requests, I must consider ratings, experience, conditioning, as well as competitiveness of the bout.A level playing field

must be maintained, giving the Mgr. or Promoter who has but one (1) boxer the same consideration as the Premier Promoter’s (King Arum, Shaw, etc.)


Jill: Who inspire you the most?

Joe: People I admire.

Don Jose Sulaiman, for his untiring efforts in creating the finest Organization (in my opinion) in boxing.Bob Arum, (We’re both Brooklyn bred) Don King

for his tenacity, Dan Goossen for his flair, Bruce Trampler,as the best builder of boxing careers that I have ever met.,Bobby Goodman, as one of the most caring Matchmakers, Brad Goodman for his untiring efforts in making top matches. JImmy Burchfield, for sincere caring for his fighter’s, and Sal Musumeci for his competence and Integrity. salSal Musumeci at the Aviator 


Jill: How do you feel about New York’s first Woman Commissioner of Boxing?

Joe: When the day finally arrived, I could not be happier then the appointmant of my friend Melvina Lathan.She was a most competent Judge, who I had the pleasure of working with on many bouts. She is an elegant representative of boxing as well as a devoted wife, (Dr. Billy Lathan, a great ringside physician) and Mother All New Yorker’s can be proud of this recent appointmant by Governor, David Patterson. A great choice.


Jill: Tell me about IPRO?

Joe: A great Organization created by Barry Druxman, a Judge in Washington State. It’s purpose is the ongoing training of Officials and giving financial assistance to boxer’s presently down on their luck.

joe_mott Joe counciling some kids at the Mott Haven Center, S. Bronx 


Jill: A bad Call?

Joe: Nothing hurts the sport more then a bad call in the eyes of the fans.


Jill: What are your priorities?

Joe: Doing the best at whatever you pursue, A Happy Marriage, a caring family, and a good quality cigar.


Jill: How do you want to be remembered?

Joe: That in all my dealings I always cared for the welfare and safety of the boxer’s. Nothing should be more important then one’s family Name, maintain your integrity at all costs not to tarnish that family name

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