NABF Junior Championship Title

Reyes NABF Junior Belt - Feb 2014

The NABF is proud to announce the NABF Junior Title! NABF Vice President Craig Hubble explained, “based upon the feedback and requests that we have received from a number of promoters, managers and trainers, we believe that initiating the NABF Junior title for boxers competing in 8-round bouts allows the NABF to fill a current void and recognize the achievements of up and coming boxers and future World champions much earlier in their careers.” The NABF Junior title is not an age-restricted title, but instead will factor in the boxers’ respective experience and prior competition.  Like the NABF title, it will be available to boxers who reside in Canada, Mexico, and the USA, as well as those who intend to pursue their career, in whole or in part, within Canada, Mexico, and the USA. 

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