NABF June 2008 Ratings Changes ~ New Format



HW: Prior 8 Holmes and 9 Quezada exchange places due to win by Quezada since the

last ratings list.

CR: Aaron Williams drops from 5 to 6 as the result of a loss, Jirov drops from 7 to 8 due to inactivity.

LH: Mack up from 7 to 4 resulting from win over quality opponent. New at 10 is Manny Siaca of Puerto Rico who has returned to action with a win after a layoff.

SM: No changes in top ten positions.

MW: Previous 10 Moore lowered following loss, up from 14 to 10 is Onolunose, undefeated Canadian with 3 wins this year to date.

SW: Albert drops from 8 to 10 due loss, Wolak and Gonzalez up due to wins since the

last ratings were issued.

WW: Guitterez and Browning drop due to losses, Diaz up from 10 to 7 as the result of a win.

SL: Alexander up from 4 to 2 as the result of consensus of NABF ratings committee at our annual meeting.

LW: Cherry up from 7 to 5 resulting from recent win.

SF: Prior 2 Larios is now the WBC Interim World Champion at featherweight. New entry at 6 is Darling Jimenez, previously removed for inactivity, who is now rated once again after his game effort against champion Gamboa.

FW: Previous 7 Santiago is challenging for WBO world title in July and is removed from our regional ratings pending outcome of that fight. Moving up from 10 to 7 is WBC Youth champ Remillard who shows a win since last ratings list.

SB: Prior 3 Lopez is now the WBO world champion. Coming in to take his place is Eric Morel formerly rated at super fly who has two wins at this weight in recent matches.

BW: 6 Martinez leaves due to inactivity, 8 Vinson lowered due to inactivity.

SFLY: No changes in top ten positions.

FLY: Miranda up from 2 to 1 after win over rated opponent. Salado down from 3 to 4 after loss to Miranda. Aguirre leaves top ten following loss. New at 10 is Hernan Marquez, undefeated boxer with 3 wins this year to date.

LFLY: No changes in top ten positions

STRAW: returning to ratings at 3 is Eric Ramirez following a recent win.


Where not specifically indicated above, any changes are the result of the actions described for each division


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