NABF Policy


This FEDERATION is not organized for profit and no part of the net earnings, if any, shall inure to the benefit of any private member or individual;

This FEDERATION is being formed as an instrument through which the various official regulatory bodies which supervise and regulate boxing can achieve, through a cooperative effort, desired objectives consistent with the public interest of maintaining maximum protection for the participants in boxing contests, and assurance that the sport of boxing remains free of influence from undesirable elements;

To provide for a fair, unbiased forum for the expression of opinions regarding the conduct of boxing in the best interest of the sport, as well as the general public, with the objective to enhance public confidence in boxing and those persons who participate therein;

To affiliate or establish liaison with other organizations throughout the world having similar objectives;

To encourage in the public interest, communications, cooperation, and uniformity in the supervision and regulation of boxing among the members of the FEDERATION, including but not limited to, the following:

to study safety measures for participants in the conduct of matches;

to establish uniform, fair and equitable rating systems for the various weight divisions in boxing, including the promulgation of procedures for the recognition of champions;

to establish procedures for the interchange of information among members regarding suspensions, revocations and other matters of disciplinary action taken by member jurisdictions;

to establish uniform procedures for the conduct of championship contests and for the mutual recognition of contracts pertaining to such contests;

to establish uniform procedures for the recognition of contracts entered into between boxers and managers;

to establish uniform procedures involving conflicting contracts entered into between boxers and/or managers with promoters; and

to study and encourage the development of amateur boxing.