NABF Star of the Month:Adam Willett

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the Ring8 Awards in NYC. On the dais. preparing to get his Comeback of the Year Award,  was Adam Willett, a young man, who despite a glowing amateur record, had to put his Pro career on hold.  Even though he’s only a few pro fights, Adam’s already a Champion. Adam, was shot twice in the stomach when he came to the aid of  two, young girls who were being harrassed. He says, even knowing what that incident cost him, he couldn’t have done it any differently. We hope that Adam’s dreams of holding a World Title come true. To us, he’s already a winner!



   What got you into boxing?

My grandfather Black Jesus took me down to the gym one day. And I it was something about putting on gloves and hitting the punching bag that really hooked me immediately.


  What does boxing mean to you?

Boxing means EVERYTHING to me it’s like a family member to me I love it that much. Most people that look at boxing just see it as a sport. I look at it as it is a beautiful art. Like Muhammad Ali dancing around the ring or Joe Frazier chucking across the ring to come and get you. This

sport is a sport that has many styles and all people from many different walks of life.


Knowing what you know now, would you have chosen to defend the girls?


Yes without a doubt I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I feel God always has a plan. Some people take things for granted, myself I didn’t know how much boxing meant to me until I almost lost it. The world we live in is not always a happy place but if one kid can walk into the gym and I could change his or her life, at the end of the day I’m a happy camper.


Did they apprehend the shooter?

Yes they did.


Tell me about your training routine since the incident? 

Walking in the gym has been the best rehabilitation a person could ask for. When I first came back it was hard for me to move like I used to move. But that didn’t stop me or discourage me I knew I would get back to where I was eventually. I train harder now than I ever have because I feel in my heart my time is now. I might have been physically ready in the past but I am mentally spiritually and physically ready NOW.


How do you prepare mentally for the task ahead?

When I’m about to fight I listen to inspiring music, I pray, and I ask my angels to stand beside me as I go to war. That is the true warrior’s way.


Adam and Commissioner Melvina Lathan

What are your goals? 

To be noticed as a real official boxer. The amateurs I owned. Now I’m try’na do the same thing in Pro Boxing.

How does your family feel about your returning to the ring?

They love it. I mean how could you not love when someone says is Adam Willett your husband, brother, nephew, or cousin? (lol). I have a wonderful family and support system and they know boxing is what I love and they support me 1000%. Plus a lot of my people are from Glen Cove, NY and grew up as fighters themselves.


What makes a champion?

What makes a champion is someone who is relentless and eager to go the extra mile, no matter what the cost. Someone who’s hurt but never shows signs of pain. Someone who knows how to persevere even when they’re losing.  These words were spoken from a wise man. “A soldier dies one death a coward dies many.” So what makes a champion is a lot of heart and a little bit of fear. Heart makes you man enough to step into that ring. Fear is like fire if you can control fire you can heat your house and cook your food. But the moment you can’t control that fire you can burn down a whole neighborhood.

Thank-you in advance,
Adam ‘Showtime’ Willet

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