NABF Star of the Month:Robin Taylor


The NABF is very proud to feature Robin Taylor as this month’s Star. She descirbes herself as a “true fan of the sport.” We think of her as a role model, not only for other women, but for the community itself. I think you’ll enjoy what she has to say.

Jill: You are both judge and referee. It’s Manny vs. Floyd. Which assignment would you prefer?

Robin: Currently, I am licensed as a Judge; however, I have been licensed as a referee in the past so for me it would be exciting taking on either assignment.  Whether I’m a judge or referee, both boxers are equal when they step into the ring.  As an official, I always maintain an impartial demeanor no matter who is competing.

Jill: As a woman, are you ever intimidated when called upon to ref men’s fights?

Robin: No.  During the years I spent in the amateurs, I referred hundreds of bouts both male and female from, all weight classes and divisions. I was always confident with my skill level and was never intimidated when I refereed bouts.  I’ve always made sure that I wasn’t in an inappropriate position where I could get hurt or where I wasn’t able to properly view the action.  My primary concern was always the safety of the boxers.    I was always assertive with my commands and received respect from the boxers early on in the fights I officiated.

Jill: How long did it take you to get inside the ropes?

Robin: In 1993, I went to Gleason’s Gym to register to become an amateur boxing judge.  In 1996, I was encouraged by other officials to expand my horizon and enter the ring as a referee.

Jill: How does your family feel about your role in the boxing community?

Robin: My family is exceptionally supportive and very proud of all my contributions I’ve made to the boxing community as a professional boxing judge and referee.

Jill: What’s life like away from the ring? 

Robin: In many ways, I feel like I never left the ring.  I love the sport of boxing and being a boxing judge keeps me very close to ringside.

Jill: What is your feeling about woman’s boxing? The two minute round?

Robin: I think women’s boxing is not receiving enough recognition and many people are starting to lose interest. There is not enough television exposure.  Women boxers have improved their skills over the years and many have provided exciting action on some fight cards.  In amateur boxing women fight four, two minute rounds which I believe is good for that level of boxing competition.  However, to separate the amateur style once women become professional boxers they should step up their game and fight three minute rounds.

Jill: If you could change one thing about boxing what would it be? 

Robin:If I could change one thing about boxing, I would implement three minutes rounds for women boxers.  As professional boxers, women should be under the same standards and afforded the same opportunity to fight three minute rounds as men.

Jill: How had being involved with the NABF influenced your life?

Robin: Being a member of the NABF has been a good influenced on my boxing career.  I’ve become more accepted in the sport of boxing and more knowledgeable in every aspect of the sport.

Jill: Do you think there should be a federal commission?

Robin: Yes, I believe that there should be a Competent federal commission to ensure that every state adhere to the same rules and regulations, therefore making boxing a more unified sport.

Jill: Any great/bad calls that stand out that you’d like to share?

Robin: No.  Whether a call was great/bad, I believe that they’re made with the best intentions by the official making the call.  I never second guess another official.

Jill: Who are your inspirations?

Robin: As a young child growing up, Muhammad Ali was one of my inspirations in boxing.  I enjoyed watching all his fights and fell in love with the sport of boxing.  He brought boxing into the spotlight for me with his charisma, style, humor and sheer excitement.  There are other inspirations but Ali stands out the most.

Jill: Advice to someone starting out?

Robin: II would recommend that they register as a USA boxing official and attend clinics to become certified.  Once certified, they can begin practicing the craft of referee, judge and timekeeping.  Someone interested in becoming a professional referee, judge or timekeeper will have more success if they get amateur experience.

Jill: How would you like the community to remember you? 

Robin: I would like to be remembered as a well respected boxing judge and a true fan of the sport.

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