DAY 1 – Morning
The NABF Convention, in Cancun, Mexico was the first time 37 countries, including Representatives from Central and South America united at one convention. They came together, firstly to support boxing and secondly, the healing of Mexico during the current crises. Once before, the WBC and it’s federation came to Cancun after hurricane Wilma for the same reasons.
This is an improtant election year for many of the federations that attended. In addition to the NABF they include FECABOX, FUSEBOX, and CABOFE. Together, they created the very first Continental America Convention.
In attendence were the Presdent of Cancun, the Governor of Quintana, promoter Pepe Gomez, who is sponsoring a card in XCaret on Saturday, June 7th, Roberto Duran, and WBC President, Jose Sulaiman.
A warm thank you was extended by current NABF President, Rex Walker, who is leaving office this year but conitnuing on as the Chair of the WBC Youth Belt.
Perhaps the most moving moment of the opening came when Jose Sulaiman denounced the current state of boxing and implored people to support and encourage the new stars. He suggested that experienced trainers involve themselves with promising, amateur talent and that promoters provide TV with 4 and 6 round fights, bringing hopeful, new comers to the fans.

Day 1 – Afternoon
The afternoon session began with a ten count for the 6 members of the community who passed this year: Stan Gallup, Tony Castellano, Edmund Lipinski, Benjamin Flores, Tobby Gibson and Raul Macies. Since elections are tomorrow, a call for any additional names for the nominating committee was  requested. The meeting then  continued with reports from the various committees.  The consensus was that the economy has definitely effected the number of fights but not the quality of the fights or the fighters. The NABF Fighter of the Year, Chris Arreola is 26 and 0 and the #1 WBC rated Heavy Weight. The award for Matchmaker of the Year went to Tom Brown, who has been with Arreola aince the fighter began his career. NABF Vice President, Joe Dwyer introduced Tom as a man who defies age. Importantly, one who has lived his life dedicated to boxing. Joe also added that the only thing to remember is not to call Tom during one of his son’s ball games or he’ll hang-up. Tom later commented, that Joe was right, but he always calls back. Mr. Brown’s association with boxing began before his affiliation with Ten Goose Boxing and continued through the companies transition to Gossen Tuder. His reputation asa Match Maker and promoter is unparelled. Tom was given the award during the general session so he could return to LA to attend his son’s high school graduation. Only family trumps boxing.  He left the stage to a standing ovation from the membership.

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