My dear friends:


I would like to advise all the members of the WBC Ring Officials Committee that on November 1, Monday afternoon, the date of the opening of the convention, there will be a full afternoon clinic that I will address personally in regards to judges and referees and that I will welcome all the questions and suggestions that the attendants make it.

This clinic will be also attended by the Board of Governors, the Executive Committee and any attendee that would like to participate.


On Tuesday, the second day of the convention, the referees’ clinic will be as in the past, in the hands of Bruce McTavish and the judges’ will be in the hands of our Ring Officials Honorary President Tom Kaczmareck.


I kindly ask you to please accept my best personal regards, hoping to see all of you at the convention, as I intend to have communication with all our ring officials, specially on Monday, November 1 afternoon.


Jose Sulaiman Ch.


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