We are extremely excited and looking forward to our Convention in Chicago July 3-5.  We are family and it is always fun to be able to see people, to exchange ideas and to simply be able to

enjoy one another again. We are even looking forward to hearing the same old stories told over and over.  This will be yet another great Convention! 

This year we are reaching out to boxing promoters to join us and attend the meetings where there will be discussions regarding the future of their fighters.  Since July 2013 in Reno, NV, we have made it our goal to support NABF fighters, not only in our regional NABF ratings, but also in the World WBC ratings. 

We want our NABF Champions be positioned to have the opportunity to fight for a World titles.  

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman will be participating in the Convention, and this will give everyone the opportunity to see firsthand the tremendous leadership that he has developed at the feet of his father, Jose.  The NABF is a proud supporter of Mauricio, and we appreciate and love our relationship with the WBC.  With all of your help, we desire to become the strongest and leading federation of the World Boxing Council

Come join us in Chicago…we may have standing room only; however, we will stand as a family!

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