President’s Report 2013

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Greeting’s from sunny Florida. I hope all survived Hurricane Sandy as well as the NABF/WBC Convention. Warm up New York for me because I hope to see you all at the Ring 8 Christmas in Febraury party!

I felt the WBC/NABF Convention was a great one, although some of us weren’t partial to the food. Also many members were sick by the conclusion of the week (not necessarily from the food however (lol)).

The Flu is in high gear here in the US and appears to be a record in the making.

Activity could be better, some  cancellations having already occurred thus far.this year. We shall overcome. !!!

2013 Convention

July 10- July 14 at the El Dorado Hotel in Reno Nevada.

This is an Election Year for NABF President and Three (3) Vice Presidents. It’s time for any aspiring candidates to make their intentions known, We will post any info submitted on the-is Web Site.

Voting Delegates

Each state is entitled to one (1) delegate. Now is the time to select the member representing your State and forward his/her name to our Secretary, CHRIS STILSON at“>

In your corner,

Joe Dwyer

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