President’s Report:July 2010


Since returning from New Orleans, we have a new NABF Champion, Pablo Cesar Cano who won our Super Lightweight Title in Mexico. Cano’s record stands at 19-0-1

On July 16th, Fernando Guererro takes on the always dangerous Ishe Smith in Memphis, Tennessee, for the Vacant Middleweight Title. Recent Champion, Danny Jacobs has vacated to seek the WBO World Title.

I will be attending the Association of Boxing Commission’s (ABC) Convention later this month in our ongoing efforts to foster better relations with all Commissions with the aim of providing more opportunities for our Official’s to get assigned in other then their home State.

As previously discussed, we are looking into the 2011 Convention, and seeking the possibility of Puerto Vallarta and Merida, Mexico. We will also look at San Antonio, Texas as well as California.

Don Jose Sulaiman has recently undergone knee surgery in Los Angeles and I’m sure he would be happy to hear from his many NABF friends. Drop him a line at

We are please to welcome Alexis Arguello, Jr. as our new liaison to our Champions. He brings with him a love and history of boxing, as well as a bilingual skills.

I want to thank Lisa Elovich, Pugnacious Promotions, for continuing her history of supporting woman’s NABF boxing with her title fight on July 30th in Saratoga.

Dues are Due- For those who missed the Convention; you can pay your Dues online at NABFNEWS.Com

Presently the following NABF Titles are Vacant-105-115-135-147-168

Congratulations to Jeannine Garside who upset undefeated Ina Menzer in Germany to win the WBC Title.

Until next Month.

All the best,

Joe Dwyer

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