Presidents Report: August 2010


I was happy to represent the NABF at the recent “ WBC Night of Champions” in Cardiff, Wales. The President’s of all WBC Federations attended along with sixty three (63) former and present World Champions. Hats off to Mauricio Sulaiman, Tito Rodriguez,Alain Flores and Chuck Williams who did a great job putting the affair together.

Title Results- New Champions

Fernando Guerrero- Middleweight- Brian Young, Promoted

Maureen Shea-Featherweight- Lisa Elovich-Promoted

NABF Flyweight Champion, Wilberth Uicab made a successful sixth defense of his title and will next fight for the WBC Silver belt.

Upcoming Bouts

Roy Jones Jr will meet Danny Santiago for our Cruiser weight title in late September in Pensacola, Florida.

Edwin Rodriguez vs TBA on October 8th, in Mohegan Sun Arena for the Vacant Supper Middleweight Title. His opponent will be named later this week.

Not yet confirmed is Carlos Cuadro vs Eric Ortiz for the Super Flyweight title.

While in Cardiff, Wales Jill Diamond and WBC Cares with many of the Champions visited a local children’s Hospital and local boxing gyms where they were warmly received.

We continue to seek a location for the 2011 NABF Convention, at present checking into Puerto Villarta, Mexico. It is important that we seek a location in Mexico or on the border to accommodate our many faithful members South of the Border.

 This past week I attended the Funerals of Johnny Breitenbruck, a Brooklyn Middleweight of the 50’s and an active Ring 8 member.

 Also the Funeral of Jay Larkin the former head of Showtime Sports,

May they Rest in Peace.

On a bright note, President Sulaiman is well on his way to recovery from his knee surgery, and promises to dance at the WBC Convention in Cancun. Now is the time to make your reservations, as it is sure to be a great event.

All the best

Joe Dwyer

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