Presidents Report:April, 2012

thumb BAR_5337Since our last Convention, the NABF has had Thirty-One title bouts with more to come. At this rate it could prove to be a record year for our Organization.


10 March- Ch.Mikey Garcia defeated Bernabe Concepcion by TKO 7 to retain his title in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

23 March- Ch., Diego Magdaleno defeated Miguel Beltran Jr. by TKO 7 in Tucson, Arizona.

30 March- Ch. Hank Lundy defeated Dannie Williams by Unan. Decision at Foxwoods Casino, Connecticut. 

Upcoming Fights:

14 April- Garrett Wilson meets Andres Taylor for the Vacant Cruiserweight title in Atlantic City, N.J.

In addition the Vacant 115 & 118 titles will be filled in Mexico.

27 April- Ch. Ismayl Sillagh defends his Light Heavyweight title against Dennis Grachev, both undefeated fighters in Austin, Texas.

28 April- Dierry Jean meets Cosme Rivera for the Vacant Super Lightweight title in Montreal, Canada.

 A bone of contention is the limited availability for our officials to travel. Not only the reluctance of State Commission’s to assign outside Officials but in a down economy, the added travel expense to the Promoter’s. Be assured that it continues to be our resolve to get more of our deserving members on the road.

 Travel Advisory.

It is recommended that member’s within six (6) months of Passport Expiration, renew at this time. Since 9/11/01 some members have been denied exit from their homeland if their Passports were within six (6) months of expiration. Renew Now. !!!

 The New York Boxing Hall of Fame held their inaugural induction ceremony this past April 1st. Congratulations to Bob Duffy and Tony Mazzarella for their efforts.

 Happy to report that Claude Jackson, our excellent Rating’s Chairman is recovering from knee surgery. Claude states that upon completing physical therapy he will campaign as a Cruiserweight.

 Congratulations also are in order for Jose Sulaiman and Chairman, Mike George on the recent Ground breaking for the Rocky Marciano statue in Brockton, Massachusetts. Provided by our WBC.

 Be safe; hug your loved ones, and God Bless. !!!

All the best,

Joe Dwyer




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