Raylene Carbone: NABF Star of the Month

China 001They say behind every good man is a good woman — well Stephen Blea is blessed! Raylene has the whole package; beauty, brains and benevolence. How she juggles everything… boxing, business, blea (and 5 children), is a mystery, but one you’ll get to explore a little in this interview. Read and enjoy, Raylene Carbone… our NABF Star of the Month!

Jill: Boxing is it a family affair?

Raylene: Boxing has become a family affair. It seems like it has taken off since I started dating Stephen Blea WBC Referee and Judge. My Dad and brother always followed all the great legends and currently my oldest daughter Kali is a LA Knockout with the World Series of Boxing LA Matadors. She’s also our model for our Merchandising Catalog and web page. My youngest daughter Tarryn in New York attends Vassar College and is also promoting a local boxing line when time allows. My oldest son Serafin, who is a musician and has his master’s degree in Jazz, has played the National Anthem on his Sax for our local shows. In addition my other son Roman who has degree in finance helps with my website and catalog. My son Zack has his degree in business  is my sounding board  and help with ideas in moving along with our boxing business. All my children and Stephen are a great support to me.

Jill: When did you get interested in boxing?

Raylene: I became interested in boxing when I went to the events with Stephen and became interested in the judging and scoring he does. I admire the dedication and hard work that is involved when I see the young boxers at the gym.

Jill: Tell us about your time away from the sport?

Raylene: Time away from boxing is far and few between but when I am not emailing or taking orders or spending time for the WBC Cares I am working my day job as Medical Billing Specialist.  I also continue to work for a non-profit group for the past 11 years raising funds for my children’s education as a second job. I love my family time and staying involved in the community.


Jill: How did you get involved with WBC Cares?

Raylene: After I went to China with the WBC I knew that was my calling and Jill knew too.

Jill: You do a lot of merchandising for the WBC. What are your plans for the future?

Raylene: We currently are seeing sales getting better and we have a WEB based business but would like to see sales expand in other states, gift shops and at boxing events. I hope to work with Reyes Products in the future also. Our best selling items is miniature WBC belt and polo shirts.


Jill: As a woman, what is your viewpoint on woman’s boxing?


Raylene: Women really don’t get the respect they deserve and hopefully one day they will. Women train hard and risk a lot physically and mentally


Jill: How would you improve the sport in for women?

Raylene: I would like to see a woman’s fight be represented as a co -main event at one of the big Events in a Major City.

Jill: As a business woman, do you see any correlation between the economy and the popularity of boxing?

Raylene: Even in the spiral down of the economy Boxing has still been true to its sport. Fans still fill the venues and the pay-per-view- sells time to support their favorite boxer.

Jill: Anything you want to share with us?

Raylene: I would like to take this time thank you Jill, my wonderful 5 children, Stephen Blea and the WBC for giving me the help and opportunity to represent this organization by

promoting sales and being involved in the humanitarian side of the WBC Cares. I have made some wonderful friendships.


Jill: What is the most important thing you’ve gained from your involvement?

Raylene: The most important thing I learned from involvement with the WBC Cares is that there is a need for help globally and the little things you take part in really do matter. Helping others and staying involved becomes addictive.

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