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RING 8 Minutes
The monthly Executive Board meeting of the Veteran Boxers Association of NY, Ring 8, Inc was held on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at the Waterfront Crabhouse in Long Island City, New York.

Board Members in attendance: President Bob Duffy, V.P. Henny Wallitsch, Paulette Balog, Tony DiPippo, Tommy Gallagher, Henry Hascup, Jack Hirsch, Lenny Mangiapane, Tony Mazzarella, Frank Pena and Keith Sullivan.


President Bob Duffy opened the meeting and Tony DiPippo talked on our New membership cards.

President Duffy stated that he would meet with Tommy Gallagher, Tony Mazzarella and Henny Wallitsch at the old Sunnyside Garden place to arrange to have a monument put up on the site.

President Duffy stated that Paulette Balog has been visiting, sending out cards and phoning all the former boxers that are now in need of help. He stated that he would like to give her $50 a month and Tommy Gallagher suggested that it should be $100. The Board passed Gallagher’s suggestion. President Duffy also stated that Paulette would give an up-date at every general meeting.

President Duffy stated that all the finalist of the New York Golden Gloves and their coaches will be invited to next months meeting.

Henry Hascup will try to get Chuck Wepner and/or Randy Neumann to be our guest speaker next month.

Ring 8 will be given out their annual Bill Gallo scholarship in the ring on April 6th.

June 9th, the NYPD will be going against the LAPD in an Amateur boxing show, which will be held at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant, Long Island. The NYPD and Ring 8 will split the proceeds.

Tony Mazzarella suggested that when we run an event, we earmark what it’s for.

Sunday, July 31st is the date of our 1st Annual picnic from 10 AM to 6 PM. We will be making up flyers shortly.

President Duffy stated that there will be no meetings in July or August.

Sunday, December 11th will be our Christmas Party at Russo’s on the Bay. Invited guests include Roy Jones Jr. and Tommy Hearns.

President Duffy showed the Glen Cove Boxing Club Golden Glove Journal and stated that at the show the Mayor awarded our very own Frank Pena an Award for four (4) decades of service to the program.

President Duffy stated that Ring 8 took out a full page AD ($250) for Joe Dwyer, who is being honored by Larry Hazzard’s organization COMBATT, which is based in Newark, New Jersey. The awards dinner will be hel on Tuesday, April 5th at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark.


Keith Sullivan talked on the Shamus O’Brien gravestone. Shamus, who’s real name was Michael Joseph Hogan, fought out of Yonkers New York and had 100 pro bouts. Up until now, he was buried in an unmarked grave. Last year Ring 8 helped pay for the gravestone.

President Duffy talked on Fightnews and how much coverage there doing for us.

Tony Mazzarella stated that the “New York Hall of Fame for Boxing” will have their 1st Inductions some time next year (2012). He also stated that Ring 8 has two accounts, one is for approx. $12,000, and he suggested that we put that money into the Hall of Fame so we have some seed money. It was agreed by everyone on the Board.

General Meeting:

President Bob Duffy opened the meeting and Carmine sung the National Anthem and then Paulette Balog gave the 10 count.

President Duffy talked on the Monument for Sunnyside Gardens.

Paulette Balog gave a report on the ex-boxers that are having a hard time. Emile Griffith, Charlie Noel and Bill Tate were among them and she asked if anyone was in the area, to make it a point to visit them.

The Bill Gallo scholarship fund was talked about, and we have applications available. Ring 8 has given away $32,000 in scholarships in the last 14 years.

As suggested by Lenny Mangiapane, we are inviting all the finalist of this years New York Golden Gloves and their coaches to our next meeting. We are also giving them a years membership.

President Duffy talked on Frank Pena, who received at Award at his recent Golden Glove Show from the Mayor for 4 decades of service. Frank then stated that it isn’t about him, it’s about the kids.

June 9th, the NYPD will be going against the LAPD in an Amateur boxing show, which will be held at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant, Long Island. The NYPD and Ring 8 will split the proceeds.

Tony Mazzarella talked on the “New York Hall of Fame for Boxing” and Sunnyside Gardens. He also brought up a statue of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier that Ring 8 wanted to put up several years ago. Now Donald Trump is interested in doing the same ting. He suggested we contact Trump and we can do it together.

Sunday, July 31st is the date of our 1st Annual picnic from 10 AM to 6 PM. We will be making up flyers shortly. December 11th is the date of our next Christmas Party at “Russo’s on the Bay.”

President Duffy introduced Mike Carroll who is running an Amateur Boxing Tournament from August 17th to the 20th.

President Duffy introduced a distance relative of former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Primo Carnera, Pamela Candusso Hirsch. She talked on our guest speaker Tom Hauser. She also talked on Shavers, Patterson and the 1st Ali/Frazier fight, which she attended. She also talked on Carnera who after boxing, became a wrestler, which was like a side show.



President Duffy introduced a woman kick boxer by the name of Ashley Hill, who is the daughter of Tokey Hill, the 1st Karate World Champion from the USA back in 1982. Miss Hill has been in several movies, including “Arthur.” She talked about combined insurance and introduced Jill & Domenic who talked what it was all about.

Tommy Gallagher talked on Tony Napp’s new TV cooking show and his book, which could turn into a movie. Tony then talked on the cooking show, which is called “Finding Wisdom.”

Jack Hirsch gave a talk on our guest speaker Tom Hauser,

and then brought up Ring Announcer David Diamante, who introduced Tom like he was getting ready to box for a World Title himself.

Tom Hauser talked on his new book “Waiting For Carver Boyd.” Tom then read several pages from the book, which had the membership listening attention.

Tom talked on how many different Champions we have and that it wasn’t good for boxing. He then took and answered many questions from the membership.

Before we adjourned, President Duffy introduced Cruiserweight, Rod Jacobs.

Ring 8
The NYS Veteran Boxer’s Association
The Waterfront Crabhouse
203 Borden Avenue
NY 11101
(718) 729-4862 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (718) 729-4862      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Meetings are at 7pm on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

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