Rudy Tellez: Nabf Star of the Month

He’s our ever Ready energizer — always there, always ready to do what it takes. This months NABF Star… Rudy Tellez!

Rudy Tellez 3

Jill. What brought you to boxing?

Rudy: Bill Slayton, Kenny Norton’s manager and trainer, who knew me since I was in diapers. Sugar Ray Robinson from the Sugar Ray youth foundation. Bob Hope, with Sugar Ray Robinson and Sammy Davis Jr. and Della Reese and Ella Fitz Gerald.

Jill: Who inspired you?

Rudy: Howie Steinler “my mentor” Little Red Lopez’s manager and trainer inspired me

Jill: What go you involved with the WBC? NABF?

I was a full time trainer and manager and Rex Walker approached me to work with him with the WBC and the youth program and the NABF


Jill: What is the greatest benefit you’ve gotten from your connection to the sport?

Rudy: My greatest benefit from this sport is my connections that I have contributed to the WBC and NABF.


Jill: What would you like to change about the sport?

Rudy: On this sport what I would like to change is the judges and supervisor’s workshops because now and days they give them their license and they become judges and supervisors and they hardly know anything about boxing they should at least have ten years of boxing experience of training or managing before they become officials.

Jill: What would you do to make boxing more popular?

Rudy: I would pay attention to the upcoming prospects.

Jill: Tell me about your work with children?

Rudy: I have the Alhambra Youth boxing club form the ages from 8 to adulthood.

Jill: Today’s rising stars?

Rudy: Today’s rising stars are Brandon Rios, Victor Ortiz, and Mike Garcia.

Jill: Who has touched you and who have you touched?

Rudy: Carina Moreno, WBC female junior flyweight champion.

Jill: Please share your personal “Motto” with me?

Rudy: “fly like a butterfly sting like a bee”-Mohammad Ali. And Howie Steinler “Get em’ kid”.

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