Rumble Time


A the the Supervisor for the Super Welterweight Title in St. Louis I was privileged to sit ring side to a war!.  The two fighters were Alex Bunema and Willie Lee.  It was fullout combat.! A fantastic fight!

This was promoted by Rumble Time Promotions, Steve Smith- President, Blake Fisher- VP, and Derrick Spricer was the matchmaker.  The fight was held in the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis on Sat., Aug. 22nd.  The judges were, Robert Hecko, Jerry Griffn, and Barbara Madison. The referee was Mike England.
Willie Lee, a Southpaw gave Alex a lot of trouble in the first 4 rounds, but Willie Lee won them.  Starting round 5, Alex Bunema really put the pressure on him.  These rounds were very close with both fighters throwing many-many hard punches.  Alex was behind on two of the judges card going into the 9h round and he knocked Lee down with a powerful right which made the cards even going into the 10th and final round.
The last round was just great, both fighters were in excellent condition and were still throwing many hard punches.  It was exciting and inspiring.  In the end, two of the judges gave it to Willie Lee.  It became our new Champion on a Split-Decision.
The crowd were on their feet, clapping and cheering loudly.  The ringside Doctor told me, ” I have been sitting at ringside for over 15 years and I believe that this was the best fight he has ever seen ! ”  I want to strongley recommend this for our ” Fight – of – The – Year ” for 2010!



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