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NEW TOWN, N.D. (April 8, 2009) – Sovereign Nations Boxing Council (SNBC) cruiserweight champion Matt “Too Smooth” Godfrey defends his belt against Shawn “The Sioux Warrior” Hawk in a battle of full-blooded Native Americans on this week’s ESPN2 Friday Night Fights at The Arena in Philadelphia.


Godfrey (18-1, 10 KOs) is rated No., 6 by the World Boxing Council and No. 7 by the International Boxing Federation. He is also the North American Boxing Federation cruiserweight title-holder and rated No. 10 by The Ring magazine.


Sovereign Nations Mixed Martial Arts (SNMMA) heavyweight champion Chris Tuchscherer is also in the news having secured a fighting position in the coveted Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). Chris makes his UFC debut August 29 in “UFC 102: Couture vs. Nogueora” against Gabriel Gonzaga in Portland, Oregon.


SNBC and SNMMA links federally recognized tribes throughout the United States and Canada. Its mission is to develop, promote and help regulate professional boxing and mixed martial arts in a fair and professional manner by federally recognized tribes that are sovereign nations.


The 28-year-old Godfrey, who captured the first SNBC title belt last November via a unanimous 10-round decision against Edward Gutierrez at 4 Bears Casino, fights out of Providence, Rhode Island. Three of Matt’s most impressive performances as a pro have been knockouts of Emmanuel Nwodo, Felix Cora, Jr. and Shaun George, all broadcast live on ESPN FNF.


“This fight on ESPN is a good opportunity to let everybody watching on national television that Native Americans are involved in everything,” Godfrey explained. “Native Americans are not seen very often boxing on national television, but two of the best will be fighting each other in Friday night’s main event. I want to let people know that not all Native Americans live in the Dakotas. We’re all over the place. I’m honored to be the Sovereign Nations Boxing Council’s first champion. Friday night the boxing world will watch two Native Americans fighting at the top of the boxing world.”


Godfrey, a Wampanoag, puts his belts on the line against Hawk (18-0-1, 16 KOs), a Sioux from Crow Creek Reservation, South Dakota, which is the poorest Native American reservation in the United States. Shawn, who trains in Minot, North Dakota, had a 108-12 amateur record, including victories in four national championships, highlighted by a gold-medal performance at the National PAL Tournament when he was 14.


“Matt Godfrey is a great champion and it’s an honor to have him as the current SNBC cruiserweight champion,” SNBC/SNMMA president Pat Packineau said. “Shawn Hawk feels the belt should be his but he knows that he has to earn it because Matt isn’t going to give it to him for free.”


Fargo-native Tuchscherer (17-1-0) a former 2-time NCAA, Division II All-America wrestler now representing the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy, where he trains with his good friend, UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Tuchscherer won the SNMMA crown this past March, recording a fourth-round technical knockout (by punches) against Brandon Lee Hinkle at 4 Bears Casino.


“Chris is a great champion and will do very well in the UFC,” Packineau noted. “He is still the current SNMMA heavyweight champion. Chris represents our organization with great respect like the true professional that he is.”



The (SNBC) and (SNMMA) seeks to unite tribes that participate in the sport of boxing or Mixed Martial Arts, and is dedicated to promoting equal rights at all times, impartially, honestly and with fairness. The (SNBC), (SNMMA) shall engage every effort within its legal jurisdiction and employ them for the betterment of boxing as its number one goal. The SNBCMMA shall not accept any inequalities based on race, religion, politics or nationality. The SNBC, Inc. is a corporation of permanent nature, with its own juridical personality and fiscal autonomy. Having a championship boxing and Mixed Martial Arts title with an organization such as (SNBC) or (SNMMA) will carry potential champions to the next level in their respective sport, and will make professional boxing and MMA events taking place at tribal casinos a popular product for casinos to use to expand their gaming revenues. With the added interest of the (SNBC) the future of professional boxing and (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts along with other sporting events has never been brighter for native casinos in regards to providing quality meaningful sporting events to native casinos at realistic site fees and providing maximum exposure.


SNBC and SNMMA is committed to serving the communities and advancing the lives and economic situation of all Native people, as well as all professional boxers and MMA fighters, in a positive and professional manner. For more information about Sovereign Nations Mixed Martial Arts call 701.6277539, go online at, or write to SNMMA, P.O. Box 5, Parshall, ND 58770.





Bob Trieger

Full Court Press


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