Star of the Month:Max D: Our #1 Son

Me_an_beltHow does it feel to be the #1?

Thank you Jill, It is such a great honor receiving the Judge of the Year award from the WBC.  We have soo many great judges in the WBC that are also well deserving . This is definitely the best award I will ever receive.

What do you do to prepare for a fight?

First and foremost it is very important to get a good night sleep the night before a fight.  On the day of the fight I usually do not like to stray far from the hotel and usually eat a few light meals.  Then a few hours before the fight I spend the time alone and just mentally prepare myself.  Once at the venue I like to find a ringside seat and unofficially judge a couple of fights before it is time to judge my fight.  Once my fight is up I put myself in a zone and completely block out any and all distractions around me. 

How do you avoid personal feelings or relationships influence you?

As a judge I never get too friendly with Promoters, trainers and especially boxers.  I also quit being a fan long ago so I have no favorite boxers.  However, it wouldn’t matter if my brother was fighting.  I have too much respect for judging to be influenced by anybody.  I want to have the right winner not only for the entire fight but for each and every round. Thus, the only thing that will influence my scoring is the punches that land. 

What got you into boxing?

My Father was a ringside Physician here in California for over 30 years.  I grew up going to the fights and got to know many of the judges and referees here in California . 

What was your best moment as a judge?

Besides receiving the WBC judge of the year award my best moment was being a judge in the 3rd Vasquez-Marquez fight in 2008.  It was the fight of the year and the best fight I have ever judged. 

Do you agree with Open Scoring?

As a judge I am usually getting ready for the next round and so I do not even hear the scores read.  I do like the idea of the fans knowing who is winning.  If I was a paying customer I would like to know. 

What would you change about the sport?
I would like to see an odd # of rounds for Championship fights.  I think making championship fights either 11 rounds or 13 rounds could eliminate a lot of draws.


A bad call?

During the fight it is very important to put the round behind me and concentrate on the upcoming round.  I do not want to lose my focus by thinking about the last round and wondering if I made the right call.  After the fight I often review the fight on TV and see if there is anything I could have done to improve my performance.  I often call on great friends and colleagues such as Craig Metcalfe, Julie Lederman, Steve Morrow and Steve Weisfeld to get their opinion and to discuss a difficult fight or round to score. 

Do you find working in other countries parallel to the US ?

It is very exciting to go to Countries such as Mexico and Japan .  The passion they have for the sport is second to none.  Of course once the fight starts it does not matter where I am, the only thing that matters is the fighters in the ring. 

Do you think there should be a Federal Commission?

I have mixed feelings about a Federal Commission.  I do think it could work if the right people were involved.  It would have to be A Commission that really understands and knows boxing.  I think California , Nevada , New York and Texas are all Commissions that could serve as role models for a Federal Commission. 

Who are your role models?

I have had great role models here in California such as Marty Denkin, Pat Russell, Fritz Werner, Raul Caiz Sr., and Dr.  James Jenkin, Larry Rozadilla, Chuck Hassett, and Lou Filippo.  Outside California Duane Ford, Tom Kazmarek, and Bruce Mctavish have all served as great role models for me.

What is life like outside the ring?

Life outside the ring is not near as exciting.  I do book keeping for a contracting business and I get up and go to work everyday just like everybody else.  Unless of course I have a fight, then the work can wait.


I understand there’s a new lady in your life.

Yes there is Jill, I am glad you asked.  Julie Lederman and I met a few years back at the NABF Convention in Cancun .  There was an instant connection between us that has grown into a wonderful relationship.   A Beautiful, intelligent girl that loves boxing!  What more could a guy ask for?  Julie really is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met and I am very proud to call her my girlfriend.


Do you always agree on the calls?

With all the bad publicity we get sometimes I have to say that here in California and my time with the WBC, I rarely find myself in disagreement with the calls.  Of course we are not going to agree every single time but for the most part I think we get it right.

Do you think there should be video replay?

I think Video Replay is good for verifying calls a referee might make regarding head butts and other fouls.  I think it is important to get the right call in situations that may change the outcome of a fight if the incorrect call is made.  If an expert panel of judges is used to replay a fight and validate a decision I think that is ok too. 

An exciting match you’d like to judge?

I would like to judge a Heavyweight World Title Fight.  Historically the Heavyweight title has been the most coveted crown in boxing and I would love to be a part of that. 

Advice to people who want to become judges?

Find a good mentor or better yet mentors.  I never would have made it this far if the judges before me were not willing to share their knowledge and continuously work with me.  God Bless each and every one of them.Max_and_Jose_2

Thank You Jill!

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Глава 10 Раньше эти калифорнийские земли являлись частью Лос-Анджелеса.

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