World Boxing Council Chooses LockerBlogger As Official Social Network

The WBC, the world’s largest sports sanctioning body, has teamed up with LockerBlogger, a sports centric social network.

NEW YORK, NY, March 8th, 2010The World Boxing Council has officially joined LockerBlogger, a new, sports-centric social network, as it’s official social networking platform.  WBC boxers, trainers and officials will soon start using the social platform as a way to connect with each other and their fans.


The WBC boasts membership in 164 countries and 9 federations and is one of the most prestigious sports sanctioning body in the world. The WBC Green Belt is possibly the most recognizable symbol in sports.  It has been won by boxing greats Muhammad Ali, Julio Chavez, Joe Frazier, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.


“The Internet is offering to all of us a way of immediate and constant communication for the good of our involvement in the sport,” Jose Sulaiman, President of WBC, said on the official WBC website.


“Boxers, trainers, officials and others involved in the sport of boxing have been looking for a way to truly connect with their fans,” says Jill Diamond, Chair for the WBC & NABF Female Championship Committee.  “LockerBlogger will provide them robust tools to allow everyone affiliated with the WBC to spread their messages in an unfiltered voice”


Sulaiman is among some of the members who have already signed up Lockers, where they are able to post blogs, videos, photos and updates for their friends, fans and followers to see.  “The WBC Family proudly embraces our friends at LockerBlogger,” Sulaiman said.  “LockerBlogger– we’re in your corner!”


About LockerBlogger

Recently rated the top sports social network by Dozen Sports, LockerBlogger was built by sports lovers, for sports lovers.  Creating connections is the name of our game. Our goal is to become the ultimate hub for the global sports community to celebrate pro and amateur achievement, access expert coaching education and skills development, and plug in to active conversations about the pastimes they love.


We close the gap between the field and the stands, and give fans authentic, unfiltered access to their favorite players. We connect the top coaches in every sport with players who want to take their skills to the next level, and fans looking for savvy insight from the top minds in the game. We give amateur athletes the opportunity to build their communities as their star begins to rise. And finally, we bring fans the stories, education and community they crave — all in one place, twenty-four hours a day.


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